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Reviving the
Vegetarian Society of Kenya
16th October 2010

Nitin Mehta chairing the meeting to re-launch the Society.
Nitin was born in Kenya and founded the original Kenya VegSoc,
but now lives in London and was invited back for the occasion.
More photos from the meeting below:

The new Society will be hosting the first East and Central Africa Vegetarian Congress in December 2010, and hoping to be able to host the first ever IVU World Veg Congress in Africa for 2014.

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IVU Coordinator for Africa
Emmanuel Eyoh
Lagos, Nigeria

IVU has a separate fund for promoting vegetarianism and veganism in Africa.
Please . . . donate to the IVU Africa fund by credit card

IVU Members that are making a difference in Africa

Sabina Fund
- awards small grants to grassroots groups

Food for Life Global
- uniting the world through food

Help International Plant Protein Organisation
- helps poor communities to produce their own food


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