west african vegetarian congress
December 8-10, 2007


1. IVU Africa should try to establish contact with religious groups, because they have the people who are vegetarians, so that they can become members of the IVU Africa group, it will help to promote vegetarianism in Africa.

2. Establish cooking school/classes as means of teaching people good methods of preparing vegetarian and vegans foods.

3. To be recognised by the IVU Africa, each association in Africa should register with its government or government agency responsible for registration of companies.

4. We must try to seperate religion from vegetarianism, especially at congreses to let people know that vegetarianism is a way of life. It has been obsevered that in Africa about 90% of vegetarians are vegetarians because of religion.

5. Link with health professionals like Doctors, Nutritionist, Nurses, etc. etc., to help explain the benefits of vegetarianism,because they have direct contact with people with health related problems,people might accept or believe them easily if they reccomend or tell them the benefit of vegetarian diets.

6. Every organization should at least have a website, organize events and outreach programmes.

7. There is the need to have an Africa Vegetarian online newsletter with contribution from each country.

8. Each country must have an active Coordinator, the country co-odinators will work with the Africa Co-odinator. The IVU Africa Coodinator cannot be at every country,he/she will need people to assist him/her, the Country coordinator will serve as the Representative of the Africa Coodinator.

9. We regret that the 2010 IVU Congress could not be hosted in Africa, so Africa societies must do well to organize themselves and work towards hosting the WVC World Vegetarian Congress in the near future possibly 2012, 2014 or 2016.

10. That IVU should sponsor some active members of the IVU Africa group to the Centenary Celebration which will be held in Dresden, Germany, this year 2008.

11. Each country must try to organize an event at least once a year, which should be open to international vegetarians to attend.

12. We must have a Bi-annual Africa Congress.

13. IVU Africa must have a Secretariat.

14. IVU Africa must have an active Coordinator and a vibrant and active IVU Africa Executive Council.

15. We must have a constitution.

16. We must have a Fund for Africa which should be managed by IVU Council, until IVU Africa has been able to establish itself.

17. IVU must assist IVU Africa to form an Executive Council.

It was resolved that Ghana should host the 2nd West Africa Congress this year 2008, and Cameroun host it 2009, a member/members of the IVU Executive Council must attend the Ghana Congress.

This was prepared and issued on behalf of Delegates who attended the 1st West Africa Congress held in Lagos, Nigeria from 7th to 10th December, 2007.


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