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Physiological/Vegetarian Conference
Surrey/Kent, England 1847

Note: the page numbers given refer to the 1847/48 volume of the Truth Tester held in the library of the Vegetarian Society UK. This is a compound volume of three magazines, the Truth-Tester, the Temperance Advocate and the Healthian Journal. None of the individual issues are dated but they appear to run from August 1846 to July 1848, as issue 6 mentions the 'new year'. The front covers were not included and the title page merely says 'New Series, Vol. 1, 1847', then 'Vol. 2, 1848'. It is not clear whether the three journals were originally published separately or as one combined issue, or whether the page numbers in the bound volume are the same as those in the original magazines, or in any other versions which may still exist. Some issues have extra, un-numbered, pages which may have been added later.

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