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Physiological/Vegetarian Conference
Surrey/Kent, England 1847

Note: the page numbers given refer to the 1847/48 volume of the Truth Tester held in the library of the Vegetarian Society UK. This is a compound volume of three magazines, the Truth-Tester, the Temperance Advocate and the Healthian Journal. None of the individual issues are dated but they appear to run from August 1846 to July 1848, as issue 6 mentions the 'new year'. The front covers were not included and the title page merely says 'New Series, Vol. 1, 1847', then 'Vol. 2, 1848'. It is not clear whether the three journals were originally published separately or as one combined issue, or whether the page numbers in the bound volume are the same as those in the original magazines, or in any other versions which may still exist. Some issues have extra, un-numbered, pages which may have been added later.

from the Healthian Journal (1848 Vol.II p.41)


The objects of the Society are, to induce habits of abstinence from the flesh of animals as food, by the dissemination of information upon the subject, by means of tracts, essays, and lectures, proving the many advantages of a physical, intellectual, and moral character resulting from vegetarian habits of diet; and efforts of its members, the adoption of a principle which will tend essentially to the increase of human happiness generally.


  1. That the officers of the Society shall consist of a President, a Treasurer, and a Secretary.
  2. That the annual subscription to the funds of the Society shall be one shilling, payable on the 1st of January each year.
  3. That every person desirous of becoming a member, shall pay one shilling to the funds of the Society, and make the following declaration:- "I hereby declare that I have abstained from the flesh of animals as food, for the space of one month and upwards, and that I desire to become a member of the Vegetarian Society, and to co-operate with that body in promulgating the knowledge of the advantages of a vegetarian diet." And that such a declaration may be made by any person, male or female, above 14 years of age; and being duly signed, and stating the age and address of such person, shall be attested by some neighboring member of the Society (or by the Secretary), and bear the date of the declaration, with the address of such member.
  4. That any person having fulfilled the forms of the above declaration, and paid the subscription, shall be entitled to the privilege of membership.
  5. That persons residing abroad, and being desirous of joining the Society, shall on signing the declaration, be entitled to the privileges of membership and be honorary members, without the payment of any subscription.
  6. That an Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held in the month of July in each year, the day and place of meeting to be fixed by the President; and that Special Meetings may be called by the President, Treasurer and Secretary, due notice of which shall be given to the members.
  7. That each member having paid his subscription, shall be entitled to vote at the annual and special meetings of the Society, either in person, or by proxy according to the following form:- "I hereby authorize _____ to vote on my behalf, on any question submitted to the Vegetarian Society's meeting, of the _____ (date), as my proxy." Such declaration to be duly signed and dated.
  8. That the President, Treasurer, and Secretary, shall be elected at the annual general meeting.
  9. That the President, Treasurer, and Secretary, shall have the entire management of the affairs of the Society, and be authorized to raise voluntary subscriptions for any particular objects relating thereto.
  10. That the Secretary shall be entitled to 25 per cent. of all subscriptions received as an acknowledgement of his services.
  11. That the Society shall not be responsible for any debt beyond what can be liquidated by the funds in the hands of the Treasurer.
  12. That a statement of the receipts, disbursements, and operations of the Society, shall be presented by the Treasurer and Secretary, at the annual general meeting.
  13. That no new rule, or alteration of a rule, shall be made, excepting at an annual general meeting of the Society; and that notice of such proposed new rule, or alteration of a rule, shall be forwarded to the Secretary two months before the annual general meeting, one month's notice of which shall be given to the members.
  14. That the rules of the Society shall be printed, and a copy supplied by the Secretary to each member.