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4th International Congress 1897
London, England

From The Vegetarian (London), September 18, 1897:

The International Vegetarian Congress

We have exceeding great pleasure in recording the fact that the innauguration of the International Vegetarian Congress has been an unqualified success. The opening of the Exhibition by Lady Gwedolen Herbert went off without a hitch ; the President's address has been greatly praised, and the convesazione which appropriately wound up the day easily surpassed all other Vegetarian Convesaziones. The key-note of the functions of the day was success, and Vegetarianism has received an impetus the results of which cannot easily be estimated.

One of the most notable and satisfactory features connected with the innaugural proceedings has been the very favouable press notices which several of the big London dailies have published thereon. Never have the prospects of Vegetarianism been brighter.

The Vegetarian Exhibition

"On the eve of the paper's going to press," writes a representative of the Vegetarian, "I am unable to do more than briefly mention that the first act in the drama of the International Vegetarian Congress, the opening of the Exhibition, was very successfully performed on Monday afternoon.

"Next week I shall give an exhaustive description of the stalls and their contents ; but right here I cannot help mentioning how greatly I was struck with Messrs. Carter's exhibit. I never saw such a splendidly perfect collection of vegetables before; each item appeared worthy of a special prize at an exhibition of garden produce. The result was a picture.

"Visitors should not overlook one little stall which has been crowded out and up into the gallery. It has been arranged by the Nonpareil Dressmaking Association, Limited, and Mrs. Ansted Wood is in charge. I found my way up there and was promptly initiated into a new vocation, that of taking down measurements for a lady's jacket. I trust that I got them down correctly and that the jacket will fit.

"I came away from the function feeling that Mr. Oldfield and the Committee of the Vegetarian Federal Union are to be very sincerely congratulated and complimented upon an extremely successful innauguration."