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34th World Vegetarian Congress
Sharing the Vision

Toronto, Ontario, Canada • July 10-16, 2000
Hosted by the Toronto Vegetarian Association

Some Frequently Asked Questions compiled by Kathleen Farley, Congress Administrator








Where will I stay?

(1) Toronto Colony Hotel: Rooms at the Toronto Colony Hotel are no longer available through the Congress office.  To book a room at the Colony, please contact the hotel directly at 1-800-387-8687 (416-977-0707).  For more information on the Colony go to

(2) University of Toronto Residence: Rooms at the University of Toronto New College Residence are no longer available through the Congress office.  To inquire as to room availability at the university, please call the New College Residence front desk directly at 416-978-8877.

Delegates may also opt to make their own alternate housing arrangements.  Please contact Tourism Toronto at 1-800-363-1990 (416-203-2500) for assistance finding suitable accommodation in the city of Toronto.

If the Congress starts on the Monday morning, why do accommodations start only on Monday night?
Though the Congress officially opens on Monday morning, most of the sessions don't start until the afternoon. Meals start with supper on Monday evening. This is to accommodate delegates arriving during the day on Monday.  Please note that the meal plan does not begin until Monday evening.


Will all the food be vegetarian?
All meals will be vegan, and prepared under the guidance and direct supervision of award-winning vegetarian chefs Ken Bergeron and Ron Pickarski. Prepare to enjoy a selection of delicious and nutritious vegan food, served to you in the spectacular Lakeview Room on the 27th floor of the Toronto Colony Hotel.

I only eat raw foods (or) macrobiotic... Does the meal plan accommodate that?
All meals except the Saturday evening banquet are served buffet-style, so you can choose which food items you wish to eat.  The Saturday evening banquet will be a plated dinner, and will be vegan and gluten-free; raw food and/or macrobiotic options may be arranged in advance.  Check your registration package for your banquet meal selection card.

Please note that though there will be a selection of raw foods available at each buffet, we will not be offering prepared raw meals (with the exception of the Saturday evening banquet, upon request). 

Tell me more about the Saturday evening banquet!
The closing banquet on Saturday, July 15th will be a sit-down dinner with plated service in the beautiful chandeliered Colony Grande Ballroom. A few speakers, including Howard Lyman, will address the expected 900 attendees and a DJ will take music requests for during the meal and for dancing after.

Closing banquet dinner menu (prepared by Ken Bergeron, CEC):

  • Summer Vegetable Pancakes
  • Kale Pumpkin Seed Creme Soup
  • Mesclun Mix with Arame and Shiitake Dressing
  • Braised Lentils with Sesame Roast Carrots
  • Pecan Brown Rice Croquettes with Miso Tahini Sauce
  • Sesame Roasted Butternut Squash
  • Greens Sauteed with Ginger
  • Nori Sesame Seed Condiment
  • Carob Almond Tart
The banquet will be vegan and gluten free. Raw food and macrobiotic plates can also be prepared upon request.


How much does it cost to attend the Congress?
Click here to see our complete list of fees for registration, accommodations and meals.

I live in Toronto, so I was wondering if there is a level of WVC 2000 registration for the events only.
If you do not need accommodations, you may register for as many days as you like by purchasing "Daily Registration and Meals."  This fee includes meals (lunches and suppers) and all Congress sessions. 

What is the price for the conference only, without accommodations and meals?
Individual morning, afternoon and evening plenary session passes are available at a cost of $35, $35 and $25 each respectively.  (Hence the price to attend one full day, without accommodations and without meals, would be $35 + $35 + $25 = $95CAD.)

Are there any discounted student rates? 
We're tried our best to keep our rates as low as possible.  Most of the cost represents the fees that are being charged to us directly for rooms, accommodation and meals.  Children and youth aged 17 and under are eligible for special rates (see Children and Youth section).

If I were to get a group of five to ten fellow students together, would there be any way to get any type of group discount? 
Again, we can't offer any further discounts, as explained above.

Help!  How do I pay in Canadian funds if I live in the US?
The easiest method is to pay by credit card.  Add up the total amount owing in Canadian dollars, and mark that amount on your registration form.  We will charge the total Canadian fee to your credit card on the day we process your application (usually the same day we receive it).  The currency conversion rate you will receive will be the rate that's in effect on the date the charge is posted to your credit card.  Rest assured, the amount you will actually be charged will be the USD equivalent (usually 65% to 70% of the Canadian amount), plus your regular credit card transaction fees, if any.  Visit for actual current exchange rates.

Alternately, you may pay by money order or international bank draft, in Canadian funds only.  Please remember, all payments must be made in Canadian funds!

I would like to pay by credit card, but do I have to fax it to you? Why can't I just send it through the mail?
Yes, you can certainly send you registration form in the mail if you prefer.

What if I have to cancel?
If you cancel before June 10, 2000, we will refund all but $70 (Canadian funds).  We regret that we cannot offer refunds after June 10, 2000.


I'm flying in from <name your city>. Does the Congress have an official/preferred airline?
Air Canada (1-800-361-7585) is offering special rates for those flying in for the Congress.  You must quote event number CV004914 in order to get the discount. 

A special request from us to you -- even if you decide to forego our discount (i.e. you choose to book a flight on Air Canada during a seat sale and our discount doesn't apply) please ask your travel agent to make sure the event number is quoted on your actual ticket.  It costs nothing to you and helps us fly speakers in!

How do I know which terminal my flight is arriving at?
Check which terminal you are flying into by calling your airline directly. You may also contact airport Information Services at (416) 247-7678 (416-AIR-PORT) or (905) 676-3506 for Terminals 1 and 2, and (905) 612-5100 for Terminal 3.

Three terminals!  How do I get around?
Courtesy inter-terminal shuttle buses are available at curbside on the departures levels of all three terminals. The buses leave every 10 minutes between 6:00 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. and are wheelchair accessible. 

What documentation do I need when I arrive in Canada?
Canada Customs and Canadian Immigration require different types of documentation depending on your origin, destination, type of activity and purpose for being in Canada. Contact Canada Customs at (905) 676-3640 for Terminal 1, (905) 676-3537 for Terminal 2, and (905) 612-5416 for Terminal 3. For Canada Immigration, call (905) 676-3911 for Terminal 1, (905) 676-3690 for Terminal 2, and (905) 676-5316 for Terminal 3. For additional information visit the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency web site at, for Canadian Immigration. Reception and Information Services and Citizenship and Immigration Canada website at

What else do I have to know about coming to Canada?
Passengers arriving on flights originating outside of Canada must clear Canadian Inspection Services. On the aircraft, the flight crew will distribute the Travelers Declaration Card. Upon landing, the aircraft is normally met by its airline representative who escorts passengers to Canada Customs. 

For Canada Immigration inquiries call (416) 973-4444 or visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada web site at or for Immigration Reception and Information Services. 

How do I get to/from the hotel and the airport?
(1) Taxi and Limousine Service: To get an airport taxi or limousine, or meet a pre-arranged taxi or limousine service, go to curbside on the arrivals level of each terminal. The following fixed rates apply to airport licensed taxis and limousines servicing the airport (all fees listed in Canadian funds):

  • Limo Tariff from Pearson Airport to Toronto Colony Hotel: $38.00
  • Limo Tariff from Pearson Airport to University of Toronto: $39.00
  • Taxi Tariff from Pearson Airport to Toronto Colony Hotel: $34.50
  • Taxi Tariff from Pearson Airport to University of Toronto: $35.50
(2) Airport Express Service: The Airport Express bus picks up on the Arrivals Level of all terminals with stops at various subways stations as well as downtown Toronto.  The Airport Express also provides transportation to and from downtown hotels at twenty minute intervals.  All buses are wheelchair accessible.  Students and seniors receive 10% off one way or return fares.  (All fares are listed in Canadian funds.)
  • Airport Express from Pearson Airport to Yorkdale subway station: $7.25 (return $12.50)
    • from Yorkdale subway station, take the subway ten stops south to St. Patrick subway station; walk east along Dundas Street to Chestnut Street, then south to the Toronto Colony Hotel
  • Airport Express from Pearson Airport to Toronto Colony Hotel: $12.50 (return $21.50)
(3) Public Transit: Bus 58A (Malton) is a regular bus service that leaves from Terminal 2 on the Arrivals Level and stops at Lawrence West subway station.  From Lawrence West subway station, take the subway south to St. Patrick subway station (9 stops); walk east along Dundas Street to Chestnut Street, then south to the Toronto Colony Hotel (3 minutes).

Bus 192 (Airport Rocket) is an express bus services that leaves from Terminals 2 and 3 between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 6:45 p.m. from Monday to Friday only.  The Airport Rocket stops at Kipling subway station.  From Kipling Subway station, take the subway east to St. George subway station (15 stops); transfer to the Yonge- University subway line and take the subway south to St. Patrick station (3 stops); walk east along Dundas Street to Chestnut Street, then south to the Toronto Colony Hotel (3 minutes).

  • One way cash adult fare on public transit is $2.00.

I'd like to bring my children to the Congress.  Is this possible?
It certainly is!  We welcome families who wish to share the Congress experience with their children.  Various options are available for children and youth who wish to participate at the Congress.

Can my child stay in my room with me for free?
Children and youth aged 17 and under may stay in their parents' hotel room at the Toronto Colony for free.  The single dorm-style rooms at the University of Toronto are not suitable for sharing.

Do I have to pay the full regular registration fee for my child?
Reduced children's and youth rates are available.  The registration fee for children and youth aged four to sixteen who wish to participate in Congress activities is $450 per week, or $80 per day.  This fee includes admission to all Congress activities, including the on-site Children's Centre, as well as vegan meals.

Youth who are 17 years old do not qualify for the reduced Congress registration rates, but may take advantage of the free accommodations available if they stay in their parents' room.  The registration fee for 17-year-olds who wish to participate in Congress activities is $860 per week, or $145 per day.

To simplify, this chart outlines the various options for children and youth:

full week (including accommodation and meals) one day only (including accommodation and meals)
babes-in-arms no charge no charge
age 4 to 16 $450 $80
age 17 $860 $145
age 18 and up see regular adult rates see regular adult rates

Is there babysitting available at the hotel?
The Toronto Colony hotel offers a babysitting service.  The cost is $15 per hour, minimum 4 hours.  The hotel requires a minimum of one business day's notice to provide the service.

What is there to do for children at the Congress?
Our Visitor Services Team is hard at work preparing activities and programming in the children's centre geared towards different age groups.  Further details will be posted on our website as they become available.


Are you having your vegetarian fair this year or is it combined?
The Congress and the Food Fair are two separate events, and will not be combined.  The 16th Annual Vegetarian Food Fair will take place September 8, 9 and 10, 2000 at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto.

Are you only having the Congress in July in Toronto or do you have it any other dates anywhere else?
The Congress takes place every two years, and is hosted by various local organizations under the guidance of the International Vegetarian Union (IVU).  This year's Congress will take place July 10 to 16, 2000 in Toronto; the host organization is the Toronto Vegetarian Association.  The next Congress will take place in 2002 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Why should I want to come to Toronto?
Toronto is a terrific vacation destination! Since the Congress is a week long, many Congress delegates are treating the Congress like a special vacation. Toronto is a wonderful, clean, safe, veggie-friendly city! Feel free to explore the many city guides posted on our website ( and find out more about what to do in Toronto.

Holy vegetarian cow! Why's the Congress so expensive?
A gentle reminder to our American friends -- all fees are listed in Canadian dollars!  Keeping in mind that exchange rates vary from day to day, multiply the Canadian fee by 65%-70% to get an rough idea of the cost in USD.  Or visit for current exchange rates.  And keep in mind that our fees are all-inclusive: our package deal includes accommodations, all meals, and access to all lectures and seminars and classes and demos and forums and other Congress sessions for SEVEN days and SIX nights, plus all applicable taxes. 

Think of the Congress full-week package as a specialized "cruise" vacation -- a seven day vegetarian educational/health spa/gourmet food cruise -- without the sea-sickness!

I realize putting on such an event is very expensive, yet I also know that students are key to getting out the vegetarian message, and can have enormous influence on their campuses when they return from such an event.
We agree completely.  Some ways to minimize your costs would be to seek alternate accommodations.  Hostels in Toronto charge around $20 (Canadian) per night.  If you don't want to pay for the meals at the Congress and would rather explore Toronto's many (cheap!) vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly restaurants, you could always just purchase individual morning, afternoon or evening plenary session passes.  Or better yet, contact us about volunteer opportunities at the Congress!

For further information...

welcome to Toronto

We look forward to welcoming you!

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