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34th World Vegetarian Congress 2000

Toronto, Canada


Reports originally from by Tiffany Refior

July 17, 2000

The theme of the 34th World Vegetarian Congress taking place in Toronto last week was, officially, "Sharing the Vision." And, while this was certainly fitting, the unofficial theme running through the conference was interconnectedness. Nearly every speaker stressed the connections between the choices we make and the world in which we, the animals, and our children will live in the future. The conference was also about the interconnectedness of our global cause, about meeting people from all over the world, exchanging our work and ideas, and sharing a vision of a future we can create together.

In lectures and workshops ranging from optimal nutrition and preventing heart disease to consumerism and free speech, attendees were encouraged to think about the choices we make in our everyday lives and their effects on us, other animals, and our planet.

I've put together photos and synopses of lectures on a wide range of topics, which you'll find on the following pages:

Howard Lyman
The former cattle rancher turned vegan discusses the cattlemen's suit against him and Oprah Winfrey, as well as free speech, and the effects of current agricultural practices.

T. Colin Campbell
The director of the China Project spoke about the link between diet and health.
Rae Sikora, co-founder of the Center for Compassionate Living, spoke on consumism and how it affects us, other animals, and our environment.
The Optimal Diet
Brenda Davis, R.D., addressed the optimal diet as well as the role of fats in the veg*an diet.
Ruth Heidrich, Ph.D.
The Ironman triathlete discusses myths about calcium and osteoporosis.
The Witness
This funny and touching award-winning documentary focuses on New Yorker Eddie Lama, who makes radical changes in his diet and lifestyle after a kitten opens his heart.
Vegetarian Ad Campaigns & Vegetarian Certification
Tina Fox, Chief Executive of the Vegetarian Society of the U.K., presents VSUK's recent ad campaign and discusses certification.
Vegetarianism & the World's Religions
Author Rynn Berry presented his work on how vegetarianism plays a part in the world's religions.
Cooking Demos
Nettie Cronish makes vegetarian sushi and How it all Vegan! authors prepare diner-style food.
Vegan Comedy
Alan Park acted as Master of Ceremonies for the opening ceremony.

Stay tuned for even more conference notes, including detailed information on the optimal diet; fats in the vegetarian diet; and veg*an gardening! [unfortunately nothing else was ever added to the original pages].

The next World Vegetarian Congress will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland, in Summer 2002.

Eddie Lama photo ©Tribe of Heart. All other photos ©2000 Tiffany Refior.