International Vegetarian Union (IVU)
IVU logo 35th World Vegetarian Congress
'Food for all our futures'

Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland
July 8-14, 2002
Hosted by

The Vegetarian Society
of the United Kingdom

Dr Vijay Raj Singh
Tuesday - 3.00pm - 4.00pm : Alzheimer's Dementia and BIS

Dr. VIJAY RAJ SINGH graduated from the University of Delhi and has been associated with the Medical physics Research Laboratory of the University of Delhi, Delhi India since 1987.

He is a co-author of three books and several research papers and is well known in scientific circles for the discovery of the BIS Effect (Bajaj-Ibrahim-Singh Effect), which has revolutionised thinking about the Breakdown of Integrated Systems. This effect is also known as the Bonding of Infinitesimal Signals or the Butchering & Indiscriminate (or Intense) Slaughtering Effect.

Dr. Singh has visited several countries including Germany, Russia, U. K., U. S. A., Canada, Australia, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Thailand, Singapore, Egypt, Switzerland, and has been honoured for his research work on vegetarianism and related issues at several conferences in India and abroad.

Understanding Earthquakes
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Francais: Comprendre les Tremblements de Terre

The Effect of Intense Fishing - A Lecture from Dr. Vijay Raj Singh on Storms and Tornadoes
Deutsch: Die Auswirkungen intensiver Fischereiwirtschaft

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