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Cruelty Free Veg Fashion Show

A Cruelty Free Fashion Show will take place during the 36th World Vegetarian Congress. Models will show off clothes, shoes, belts, bags and other accessories, cosmetics, etc, all entirely free of animal products and ingredients and not tested on animals. Fashion consultant Danielle Ferraz of the Center for Fashion Education of Senac, Sao Paulo, will coordinate the event.

One section of the show will be organized by the Fashion School of Santa Catarina State University (UDESC) through curricular activities coordinated by Lucas da Rosa, teacher of Modelling, and Neide Köhler Schulte, teacher of Fashion Design.

Another section will be organized by Treetap, a company that produces synthetic leather from vegetable material. Treetap® is a fabric rubberized with natural latex, vulcanized by an exclusive technological process, and especially developed for the wild seringals (rubber plant forests) of Amazonia. Production of Treetap® is a sustainable economic alternative for the rubber tapper populations, helping to preserve their traditional cultures and the biodiversity of the Indian Lands and Extraction Reserves.

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UDESC will be taking part in the World Vegetarian Congress

The Fashion School of Santa Catarina State University will showcase Sao Paulo producers in
the 1st Cruelty-free Veg Fashion Show.

Fashion with a conscience, the new chic trend in the fashion world, has arrived in Florianopolis. The creators of this new campaign, Danielle Ferraz and Priscila Leite, recently visited Florianopolis to seal a partnership with the University Fashion School to promote the first cruelty-free Veg Fashion show. The show will take place in November 2004 during the World Vegetarian Congress at Costao do Santinho. “The concept of chic needs a re-think,” says Danielle, “It doesn’t mean wearing a real fur coat – it means being a caring consumer, sharing the earth’s resources and not using animal skins”.

Danielle Ferraz is a professor at SENAC in Sao Paulo, as well as a journalist and fashion consultant, while Priscila Leite is a partner of Zoe Assessoria e Eventos. During their visit they presented the coordinators of the UDESC Fashion School with the concept of the Veg Fashion Show and an outline of the setting and the catwalk.

The show will take place on November 13 and 14. The first day will feature designers already working with cruelty-free and socially responsible fashion. Among the guests will be Caio Von Vogt, who has developed a jute fibre with natural pigments. On the second day, UDESC undergraduate students will present their collections. All “looks” will be in accordance with a concept of fashion which promotes the wellbeing of people and animals as well as conservation of natural resources – a concept which includes clothing made from natural fibres and recycled materials and without the use of leather, fur or other animal products.

The Veg Fashion show was devised by Zoe Assessoria e Eventos and Danielle Ferraz Jornalismo e Producoes at the invitation of Marly Winckler, President of the Brazilian Vegetarian Society – SVB (Sociedade Vegetariana Brasileira). SVB has its headquarters in Florianopolis and is organizing the 36th World Vegetarian Congress, together with the International Vegetarian Union. The congress will take place in November 2004 at Costao do Santinho Spa and Resort. The fashion show is one of the many attractions of this major event.

“Fashion with a conscience – the new chic” is already hitting the headlines in the Brazilian media. The January issue of MTV magazine published a fashion article on this theme, featuring creations by designers and labels associated with the aims of the campaign.

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