International Vegetarian Union (IVU)

8 - 14th November 2004
Costão do Santinho Resort & Spa
Santinho Beach - Florianópolis - Brazil

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Be part of this world: 8 - 14th November 2004
Plan your trip now! Costão de Santinho Resort & Spa
Santinho Beach - Florianópolis - Brazil

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For the first time in Latin America

Since the first one in 1908, World Vegetarian Congresses have taken place in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America. And in 2004 it will happen for the fist time in Latin America. You cannot miss it.

This world meeting of vegetarians is promoted by the International Vegetarian Union together with the Brazilian Vegetarian Society. Florianópolis will host lecturers, researchers and supporters from all over the world, followers of a lifestyle already widely accepted in Brazil. More and more people are becoming aware that vegetarianism is not only a healthy nutritional choice but an excellent means of safeguarding natural resources, avoiding deforestation and environment pollution. It also benefits the animals, our companions on this planet.

On one of the most beautiful beaches of Santa Catarina Island:

  • Conferences, workshops and seminars with speakers from all over the world.
  • Vegetarian nutrition and cooking classes.
  • Meat-centered dietary impact on human, animal and environmental health.
  • Ethical, religious and philosophical foundations of vegetarianism.
  • Living Design Open Market - Presentation by Ana Maria Branco
  • Cruelty-free products, clothing, accessories and cosmetics Fair.
  • Cruelty Free Veg-fashion Show.
  • Vegetarian luau – beach feast with lots of fruits and music.
  • Verdurada – pró-animal music festival.
  • Shows and other entertainments.
  • Plenty of information, culture and naturally mouth-watering 100% vegetarian (vegan) food.
  • Pre and Post Congress tours to marvelous places.

Everyone is invited: long-term vegetarians, beginners, sympathizers and those who wish to learn more about the subject.


More information about the congress will appear here soon!



Meanwhile - some photos of Florianópolis from the recent visit of Gabriel Buist from the Order of the Cross in England. He gave the first public speech of the new Sociedade Vegetariana Brasileira: -

Some comments from subscribers to ivu-brazil:

"I'm really happy that the Congress will be held in Florianópolis. I lived there for 12 years before coming to Edinburgh, and I can say that THE PLACE IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC...A PARADISE, REALLY." . . . ".... congratulations. It looks beautiful. Should be a great time." . . . " I just checked those photos...and they are so beautiful of the country! " . . . "WOW, great! I will definitely plan to go. My Brazilian coworkers say Florianopolis is beautiful."

- and a word from the organiser:

I am happy with the chance to show you all a little bit of the beautiful Island of Santa Catarina - more than 100 nice beaches, plenty of sun, green, landscapes, 2 big lagoons - even more so in a World Vegetarian Congress.
Florianópolis (or Floripa as we call it) is the capital of the State of Santa Catarina, in the very South of Brazil. It is located in an Island with more or less 30 km wide and 80 km long. One can walk around it - if prepared to climb some not so hard cliff. In November weather is very good, already advancing the Summer. Florianópolis is about one hour or so from Sao Paulo by air (about 700 km) and about 1100 km from Rio (1:30 h by fly). See a useful map here and some videos here