International Vegetarian Union (IVU)

8 - 14th November 2004
Costão do Santinho Resort & Spa
Santinho Beach - Florianópolis - Brazil

Day Trip 2
Schooner Trip to Dolphin Bay and Historic Fortress

photos by John Davis & David Pye

Click on the photos for larger versions

we're off . . .

. . . this way . . .

the 'schooner' that we didn't go on because of the bad weather

all aboard the ferry boat...

... as Florianópolis bridge...

...fades into the distance.

islands ahoy....

the Brazilian flag rules the waves

the historic fortress...

...and a more fortified angle...

... and a history lesson (the replacement 'schooner' in the background)

then up we go...

... and on up

Frigate birds

wildife in the fort

a moth with 'eyes'

back to the boat in sunny Brazil....

across the water, outside the cafe after lunch

and off again, a Dutch coloniser on the jetty from the cafe

England and Spain at sea together

the 2nd island

keeping watch for the Portuguese

whale bones in the musem

colonial mansion

setting off home

Hazel with our tour guide and some of the local school party that shared the boat

A Spaniard at the helm... Portuguese waters!

The 'schooner' that we should have been on passes us (really just a motor boat with fake sails....)

the scene on board


now teaching them English

Captain Gunter...

....steers us home

swapping email addresses

land ahoy . . .

. . . downtown . . .

. . . Florianópolis

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