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Be part of this world: 8 - 14th November 2004
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Caryn Hartglass

Caryn Hartglass was born and raised in New York. After graduating from Bucknell University with Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in chemical engineering, she pursued a career in Photomaskmaking, a specialized area of the semiconductor industry, primarily in California, while actively performing in amateur and semi-professional musical theater companies.  She spent four years living in the south of France, studying French, German and music and doing some engineering consulting, as well as giving concerts and competing in vocal competitions.  During this time she won two international vocal competitions, one in France and one in South Africa, and recorded a CD with the French company, Ligia Digital. She returned to New York in 1996, and now divides her time between singing, engineering consulting and working for EarthSave International. Activities include yoga, running, biking, skiing, swimming, diving and vegan food preparation. 

About 30 years ago, Hartglass, then a child, announced to her family that she wanted to be a vegetarian.  She had suddenly become aware of the unnecessary cruelty involved in eating meat and no longer wanted to be a part of it. There was little information available about vegetarian nutrition at the time and her mother was concerned for her health. They visited the family physician, who insisted eating meat was healthy and was beneficial for animals, because more were given the chance to live. Fortunately, the physician's arrogant and patronizing demeanor was not convincing and Hartglass continued on the path of eating a plant-based diet. Over time, she realized the benefits of improved health and the positive impact of the diet on the environment. Interestingly, persistent stomach ailments, anemia and premenstrual moodiness she had experienced as a child and young teen all disappeared with the plant-based diet. 

Her desire to actively promote a plant-based diet and to be an EarthSave volunteer was triggered by the diagnosis of breast cancer and untimely death of one of her best friends. Hartglass had been involved with the core group of EarthSave Long Island for three years, joined the EarthSave International board of directors in 1999, started the EarthSave NYC chapter in October of 2001 and began her fulltime position as Executive Director of EarthSave International in November 2001.


Caryn will be presenting the following talks/workshops:

  1. Genetically modified foods do we need them and are they safe?
  2. Factory Farming and the affect on the environment (water use, soil erosion, water pollution, etc.)
  3. Social aspects of being vegetarian - dealing with family and friends, social events, holidays, traveling.
  4. Cooking with Tofu from Appetizer to Dessert!  Appetizers, Dips, Main Dishes and Desserts are prepared from tofu with a variety of flavors and textured.


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