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Be part of this world: 8 - 14th November 2004
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Dilip Barman

Dilip Barman is President of the Triangle Vegetarian Society (TVS), based in North Carolina (USA), a Vegetarian Union of North America (VUNA) councilor, a speaker with S.P.E.A.K. (Supporting and Promoting Ethics for the Animal Kingdom), and a software engineer with IBM.  He has been a vegetarian advocate for many years and has appeared on local and national television on topics such as trends in vegetarianism, vegan Thanksgiving, and the dangers of irradiated foods.  In addition to his organization's newsletter, he has published cooking articles in a number of books and newspapers. He has taught vegetarian cooking classes for several organizations.  Dilip has been active on the internet for over ten years; his home page is and TVS' site is

Dilip will be presenting the following talks/workshops:

Why Vegetarian (60 min)

This talk covers basic arguments supporting choosing a vegetarian lifestyle. It is compelling for non-vegetarians to understand the relevant issues and, for vegetarians, provides a good footnote-referenced resource they can use to take back to their own communities. A current version is available on the web at . Dilip will be adding more details to the ethics section to document "factory farming" realities.

Introduction to Animal Rights Philosophy (45m talk)

What are "rights" and what kind of system bestows these rights? Do animals have rights and, if they do, in what context does this make sense?  Are there ethical guidelines that suggest how people should interact with non-human animals?  This presentation, based on material available on the web at, will introduce compassionate folks, vegetarian or not, to the concepts behind the contemporary animal rights movement.

"Vegetarian" Gardening (55m talk)

It's hard to beat the natural "high" of seeing one's efforts "playing with dirt" resulting in lovely fruits, vegetables, and/or flowers.  Many of us, especially in the vegetarian-friendly community, strongly prefer organic over  chemical-based gardening.  However, vegetarians, as well as the general public concerned with "Mad Cow" disease, need to be aware that many organic gardening practices advocate the use of items such as blood and bone meal and other slaughterhouse byproducts. 

In this presentation, available on the web at and based on an article that I published (available online at, Dilip will discuss approaches to organic gardening that are veganic, not using any animal byproducts at all, and "vegetarian", avoiding ground-up animals but perhaps using manure.  He will conclude with a bit of detail on rose culture, and talk about how I have used "vegetarian" gardening practices to grow award-winning roses (see my rose page at

Cooking Sessions

Dishes from the ethnic vegetarian cooking. How to cook in large quantities.

Panel Discussion on Vegetarian Organizations 

Panel discussion where the intended audience is organizers of vegetarian societies and/or events.  We could discuss "best practices", techniques we've used for fund-raising, recruiting, planning programs, etc.

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