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For a vegetarian world. For people. For animals. For the planet.
Be part of this world: 8 - 14th November 2004
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Gabriel Buist

Gabriel Buist is a retired university lecturer. He worked in the Chemistry Department of the University of Surrey which is located in Guildford, Surrey, England and lives in Burpham, just outside Guildford. 

He is very concerned about the environment and the treatment of animals. A life-long vegetarian (vegan for the last 20 years), belongs to the International Vegetarian Union, the Vegetarian Society of the UK and Viva! He is interested in astronomy, computing and photography, and have a deep interest in Religion and its relationship with Science.

Much of his time is devoted to the work of the Order of the Cross, the Christian Fellowship.

He enjoys travelling and have been round the world several times visiting his sons as well as many friends in North and South America, New Zealand and Australia. 


Gabriel will present at 36th World Vegetarian Congress the following talk:- The Christian vegetarian fellowship Order of the Cross - was Jesus a vegetarian?





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