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Dr. George Guimarães

Brazilian dietitian Dr George Guimarães specializes on vegetarian nutrition. He is the director of nutriVeg Consulting on Vegetarian Nutrition, the only consulting company in Brazil specialized on the subject. He Works with patients at his office in São Paulo and travels the country providing lectures on vegetarianism and vegetarian nutrition. He is also the director of the VEGETHUS Vegetarian Restaurant. With an exclusive concept, the establishment promotes vegetarian cooking classes and lectures on the subject, and also cultural and gastronomic events.

His interest on vegetarianism began on early childhood: he has been a vegetarian for 26 years and vegan for 10 years. Before his academic degree on nutrition, that followed a graduate degree on clinical nutrition, he lived for two years in California, where he started his studies on vegetarian cooking and holistic health and therapies. During nutrition school, his field of interest had always been vegetarian nutrition, having to research on information from books and congresses abroad, since the subject was not part of the academic curriculum. With his restless efforts, today this scenario starts to change and he is invited to present classes at nutrition colleges.

As an activist, he has been for many years promoting vegetarianism through writing and making information available for the press. He also organizes meetings, events, demonstrations and video projections, added to the valuable contribution of his work as a vegetarian dietitian by itself.

The nutriVeg website at presents more information about the vegan dietitian and about nutriVeg, his consulting company on vegetarian nutrition. He can be reached by email: or by phone: 55(11)3884-1731.


Dr George Guimaraes will conduct the following activities during the 36th World Vegetarian Congress:

1. Scientific posters presentation

November 12 (Friday) - 9:00-10:00

The scientific posters will be displayed from November 9 - 13 and the authors will be available to answr questions about the studies presented November 12th, from 9:00 to 10:00.

2. University of Sao Paulo study to determine the nutritional status of vegetarians

November 10 (Wednesday) and November 11 (Thursday) - 7:30-13:30 Nutritional evaluation for a study with vegetarians - fasting for 2 hour minimum required

3. Plenary

16:30-18:00 Plenária – FOR THE PEOPLE. The Benefits of a vegetarian diet – George Guimaraes, Sally Errey. Facilitadora Gerry Coffey

4. Lecture


There are many questions and myths surrounding a vegetarian diet, even amongst health professionals. This presentation aims at demonstrating the nutritional adequacy of a vegetarian diet and the environmental and social impact of the production of animal based foods.

The data presented was gathered from scientific publications and demonstrate that a vegetarian diet, even those that exclude eggs and dairy, can provide all the nutrients necessary in the human diet. Science demonstrates that popular questions regarding the inadequacy on the intake of iron, protein, calcium and other nutrients on a vegetarian diet are nothing but myths. Despite popular beliefs, a diet based exclusively on vegetable products can be more adequate to the human organism than an omnivorous diet, given it excludes a number of diseases attributable to diet characteristics that are peculiar to an omnivorous diet.

A vegetarian diet is not only healthier to human beings, but it is also healthier to the planet we live upon, which implies that each meal we make is a contribution to maintaining the sanity of other aspects of life, such as the air we breathe and the way we treat the lives of animals, including the human life.

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