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Jashu Shah

Jashu Shah and Marly Winckler at Edinburgh
- WVC 2002
JASHU C. SHAH is Secretary of Vegetarian Society (Reverence for Life); Regional Co-ordinator of the IVU for Asia and President of the Asian Vegetarian Union which has got its Headquarters at Bangkok. He is on the Committee of IVU since 1983 and involved in the vegetarianism since 1957 when the Vegetarian Congress was held in India. The involvement increased since 1967.  In 1983 he became for the first time the committee member of the IVU.  In 1987 became the Coordinator  for Asia and Far East. 

The Vegetarian Society was started in 1983 in Bombay and since then Jashu is his Secretary.  They organize at least two Seminars in a year which is normally outside Bombay. The next World Vegetarian Congress may be held in Goa (India) in 2006. 

Jashu is an Advocate since 1957 having is own office in practicing in Bombay. He is connected with several organizations like Yoga Institute known as Kaivalyadhama.  He is also a Trustee which runs a school for the mentally handicapped children known as A.K. Munshi Yojana and is closely connected with the International Bar Association and the Indian Bar Association for law.

Born in 1932 in a small village in Saurashtra, Jashu came to Bombay for the first time in 1937, and completed the entire education in Bombay.  He is also interested in organic farming and have a farm admeasuring about 30 acres nearly 200 kms. from Bombay where they grow mangoes of different varieties, amla which is full of vitamin C, coconuts and lots of herbal products including vegetables and fruits for their own consumption.


Jashu Shah will present at 36th World Vegetarian Congress the following talk:

- Jain Philosophy of Food.

The Jain philosophy of food is absolutely different from the Hindu philosophy.  There are strict dictums which are given by the philosophy practiced by Mahavir.  Mahavir was a great spirit.  He was not only a philosopher.  The speech will include the following points :-

  1. Why Jains do not eat after the sunset and before the sunrise.
  2. Green and leafy vegetables are not eaten during the specified 5 days of the month and during the monsoon.  Only dry vegetables are eaten during that period.
  3. While eating one-fourth stomach should always be kept empty.
  4. Vegetable roots like potatoes, onion, garlic are not to be eaten.
  5. Drink always the boiled water.  In monsoon, the boiled water is to be boiled twice i.e. once in the morning and once in the afternoon.
  6. There are strict fasting rules.  During the fasting nothing is taken except water for 36 hours which starts from the earlier day after the sunset to next day 48 minutes after sunrise.

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