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For a vegetarian world. For people. For animals. For the planet.
Be part of this world: 8 - 14th November 2004
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Saurabh Dalal

Saurabh firmly believes vegetarianism offers the world a most compelling solution to many problems and enjoys being involved in education, outreach, and greater advocacy efforts.  His life passions include the promotion of veganism (and Ahimsa = non-violence) while constantly striving to find harmony, health, and balance for people, the animals of the world, and the planet.  Saurabh is President of the Vegetarian Society of DC (, Secretary of the Vegetarian Union of North America (, and Secretary of the International Vegetarian Union ( Also a follower of Jainism, Saurabh is active in the Jain community and works to increase the application of Ahimsa in everyday life.  Saurabh was born in India and raised in the USA.  He is a lifelong vegetarian and became vegan in 1991. He holds graduate degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering, takes part in several professional and technical societies, and works in the telecom industry. His other interests include music, sports, trivia, and travel. 


Saurabh will present at 36th World Vegetarian Congress the following talk:

- The Vegan Revolution to a World Hunger Solution



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