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For a vegetarian world. For people. For animals. For the planet.
Be part of this world: 8 - 14th November 2004
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Tina Fox

Tina and Sir Paul McCartney
Tina Fox is Chair and membership secretary for the IVU, having been elected to Council in January 1999 at Chiang Mai. She find this role very rewarding although hard work at times. She is particularly interested in helping those Societies in countries were the vegetarian movement is not well established and they have few resources. She enjoy travel so she know first hand just how frustrating it can be to find vegetarian food in an unsympathetic country.

She consider herself very fortunate in that she is actually employed, as Chief Executive, by the world's oldest and most established Society, the Vegetarian Society of the UK. Prior to this her work was in local government but her interests were always in the animal welfare and green movements. She wrote the UK Green Party's policy on animal rights and have been a contact for most of the UK's animal rights groups at one time or another. When time permits her interests also include gardening, reading and house restoration!

She was the organizer of last World Vegetarian Congress.



Tina will present at 36th World Vegetarian Congress the following:

Talk: The benefits of a vegetarian diet.

Workshops: Positive campaigning. Seedling (V) Symbol.


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