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Be part of this world: 8 - 14th November 2004
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Victor Maceda, Guillermo Tapias and Indira Flores

Guillermo Tapia is president and scientific coordinator of Bolivian Vegetarian Union; Food Engeneer and Nutritionist; M.Sc. Food Science – Proteins. He is postgraduated and Specialized in Processing and Technology of Plant Proteins (University of Illinois, USA); Clinic of Cancer Prevention (National Cancer Institute, USA); Food Processing (Kasetsart University, Thailand); Bio-Safety and Food-Safety (Tromsø University, Norway). Guillermo is the author of various books - such as Evaluation of Quality Proteins, Technology and Biotechnology of Soybeans, Foods for Optimum Health, Phytochemistry of Foods and Properties, Andean Foods in Bolivia and Health, Osteoporosis: Prevention and Treatment.

Guillermo will present at 36th World Vegetarian Congress:

- Nutritional Contribution of Andean-Amazonic Foods

Victor Maceda is medical doctor, historian, philosopher and ceramist. He works for more than 20 years in health education, having programs in radio and TV - some sponsored by World Health Organization. He is the principle of the Life Quality School of Bolívia and vice-president of Unión Vegetariana Boliviana, who is searching the food of the ancient civilization of Bolivia at the time of INCA Empire. The Incan still mantains firm their food tradition

Victor will talk about:

- The History and Philosophy of Food of a Vegetarian Empire (the Tiwanacotas and the ancient culture of the AYMARAS and QUECHUAS) .

- The 10 Most Important Food of the Planet (QUINUA, KAÑAWA, MACA, TARWI, CAMU CAMU, AMARANTO, TUNA, CASTAÑA AMAZONICA, STEVIA and others).

Indira Flores is Civil Engenner and Activist in Ecology and Human Rights. For many years is director of Franciscan Youth, following the parameter of the ecologist Saint Francis of Assisi. General Secretary of Unión Vegetariana Boliviana, she is researching sprouts tecniques with andinean seeds.

Indira will talk on:

- The use of solar energy in constructions (models of solar kitchens and other functions in food).

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