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37th IVU World Vegetarian Congress
Goa, India, September 10-16, 2006
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How the Chinese Delegation Arrived in Goa

From Jashu Shah, Mumbai
25th September, 2006

I may tell you about how the Chinese people came to attend 37th IVU World Vegetarian Congress.

I, as a president of Asian Vegetarian Union, was after the Chinese and Thai people that they should form a Vegetarian Society and join the main string of the International Vegetarian Union and the Asian Vegetarian Union. I was in constant touch through Dr. Maitree and Dr. Pichai with the people involved in the Chinese Vegetarian Union. My first meeting was held in March, 2005 . When I was in Bangkok in connection with the Asian Vegetarian Union and the Thailand Vegetarian Union I had a meeting at length with the Chinese people who attended for vegetarian society work.

I and Dr. Pichai requested them to form a Society and join Asian Vegetarian Union, but when they informed that Chinese Government they think that a Vegetarian Society is some religious organization, and they being a country against the religion did not allow them to form a Society. Ultimately after much persuasion by the people in China the Vegetarian Society came into existence in Beijing, China and Shanghai and at other places. This was due to the help extended by Dr. Pichai by going himself to China and discussing the matter with the people there. When the Society came into existence in June, 2005, the Chinese were in constant touch with me for the formation of the Society by e-mail.

When Second Asian Vegetarian Congress held at Bangkok in March, 2006, again the Chinese people met me and Dr. Maitree and Dr. Pichai and we again persuaded them that they should attend 37th IVU World Vegetarian Congress at Goa. At first they were reluctant to attend because of the language problem, but we assured them that there will be an interpreter and they will not have any difficulty in language. Ultimately they decided to talk and send big delegation of 100 people to the 37th IVU World Vegetarian Congress.

Ultimately with much persuasion and with the help of their Government 21 people came to attend the Congress at Goa. Mrs. Majing was the leader of the group and she has also delivered a speech at the Congress. There was a interpreter and he helped us to co-relate everything with the Chinese delegation. I requested Mrs. Majing to become a member of I.V.U. and the and Chinese delegation offered to pay the amount in rupees to make the Chinese Vegetarian Society a member.

It was with the great persuasion of Dr. Pichai from Thailand Chinese people attended 37th IVU World Vegetarian Congress and delivered two lectures at the Congress on the formation of the Society etc.

They desire to have the World Vegetarian Congress in Beijing. In a meeting it was suggested that they should have a small seminary for a day or two or three and thereafter they can talk about organizing the World Vegetarian Congress or Asian Vegetarian Congress.

I am very much hopeful that Chinese become part of the main string and they will form a very big group of the Chinese Vegetarian Union.

Out of 21 people who attended 37th IVU World Vegetarian Congress six people were from the Chinese television

I hope that you will understand Dr. Pichai's labour in formation of the Chinese Vegetarian Union and my trust to the same. This is one of the stories which should be published.

With regards,
Jashu Shah

below: the Chinese delegation at Goa:

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