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38th IVU World Vegetarian Congress

Dresden, Germany

Sunday July 27 - Sunday August 3, 2008

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To find Dresden on Google Earth,
go to 51° 03 North and 13°44 East
- and zoom in.... The Congress venue
is on Wilsdruffer Straße - or
click here to go direct on Google Earth

(If you have it on your own computer
- open the doc file)

This is the IVU Centenary Congress so we're going back to Dresden where the first Congress was held in 1908

Congress Brochure - an attractive printable PDF file (4 pages of A4) containing much of the information that is on this website: English / Deutsch
Booking forms are also available in English / Deutsch (PDF)

Additional information as of November 2007: English / Deutsch (PDF)

- speakers, registration fee, meals for children, day tickets, additional accommodation, post congress tour.
Day ticket prices: English - Deutsch
Examples of budget participation: English - Deutsch

Additional Accommodation in Dresden (November 2007) - English / Deutsch

Post Congress Tour, Sat . Aug 2 - Wed Aug 6 -
details: English / Deutsch (PDF)
(print copies for your off-line friends!)
Congress Presentation (Powerpoint file of everything above - 1.7mb) English - Deutsch

and .... Press article - suitable for use in your local journal

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