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38th IVU World Vegetarian Congress

Dresden, Germany

Sunday July 27 - Sunday August 3, 2008

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A Brief Pictorial History of IVU Congresses

This is just one photo from each Congress, the choice was often hard but there will be a much bigger
display at the Congress in Dresden. Click on the text links for full details of each event.

click on photos for a bigger version

1908 Dresden, Germany
The delegates - all of them!

1909 Manchester, England
The original building is gone, but this pub was opposite - we'll have a reunion there in 2009...

1910 Brussels, Belgium
Held during the International Exhibition. This restaurant was built by the UK VegSoc for the duration..

1913 The Hague, Netherlands
assembled delegates

1923 Stockholm, Sweden
some delegates

1926 London, England
a group on the street

1929 Steinschönau, Czechoslovakia
lots more delegates

1932 Berlin, Germany
keeping fit

1935 Daugaard, Denmark
Opening Festival

1938 Hurdals Verk, Norway
lecture in the hills

1947 Stonehouse, England
Post-Congress trekking

1950 Oosterbeck, Netherlands
Youth Camp

1953 Sigtuna, Sweden
Final ceremony

1955 Paris, France
Paris fashions

1957 Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta, Madras - India
Prof. Scott Nearing (USA) giving a lecture

1960 Hamburg/Hanover, Germany
The American IVU President on a British magazine cover for the German Congress

1963 Barcelona, Spain
a group in the city


1965 Swanwick, England
the formal group photo was now so big it had to be split into two...

1967 Bombay, Delhi, Madras - India
L-R: Indira Gandhi, Margaret Gunn-King, Brian Gunn-King (IVU General Secretary)



1969 Jerusalem, Israel

we have no pictures....

were you there?

1971 The Hague, Netherlands
a few visitors

1973 Ronneby Brunn, Sweden

1975 Maine, USA
Vegetarian Times at the Congress

1977 Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta, Madras - India
The IVU President, Gordon Latto, addressing the meeting

1979 Loughborough, England
Vegetarian-market stalls

1982 Neu Ulm, Germany
The IVU General Meeting

1984 Baltimore, USA
a lecture in the main hall

1986 Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia
at night in the town

1988 - Guadalahara, Mexico


1990 Tel Aviv, Israel
City architecture


1993 Madras, India

no pictures - were you there?

1994 The Hague, Netherlands
addressing the meeting

1996 Johnstown, USA
in the cybercafe

1999 Chiang Mai, Thailand

raw food

2000 Toronto, Canada

the dining hall

2002 Edinburgh, Scotland
Highland dance

2004 Florianópolis, Brazil
the beach, resort and mountain

2006 Goa, India

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