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38th IVU World Vegetarian Congress

Dresden, Germany

Sunday July 27 - Sunday August 3, 2008

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Local Languages

German / Deutsch

  • Ich bin Vegetarier[in]. - I am a vegetarian.
  • Veganer[in] - vegan
  • Ich esse kein Fleisch, auch kein Huhn (und keinen Fisch). - I do not eat meat, nor chicken (and neither fish).
  • Ich esse [keine] Eier, Milch oder Käse. - I [do not] eat eggs, milk or cheese.
  • Welches dieser Gerichte kann ich essen? - Which of these dishes could I eat?
  • Milchprodukte - dairy; Geflügel - fowl; Honig - honey; Bohnen - beans; Linsen - lentils; Gemüse - vegetables
  • Ich mag kein Fleisch. - I don't like meat.
  • Ich esse keine Butter. Ich esse (bevorzuge) Margarine. - I don't eat butter. I eat (prefer) margarine.
  • (Kaffee, Tee) ohne Milch - (coffee, tea) without milk
  • vegetarisch - vegetarian (adj.) ; vegan - vegan (adj.)
  • Ich liebe Tiere, also esse ich sie nicht - I love animals, so I don't eat them
  • Haben Sie vegetarische Gerichte? - Do you offer any vegetarian meals?
  • Ja, ich mag Tofu. - Yes, I like tofu.
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  • Jsem vegetarian(ka) - I'm vegetarian. -(fe)male
  • Jsem vegan(ka) - I'm vegan. -(fe)male
  • Nejim maso, vejce a syry - I don't eat meat, eggs and cheese
  • Nepiji mleko - I don't drink milk
  • Mate take nejaka vegetarianska jidla? - Do you have any vegetarian dishes also?
  • Mam rad(a) zvirata - I like animals. - (fe)male
  • Rad(a) jim cerstvou zeleninu a ovoce - I like to eat fresh vegetables and fruits. -(fe)male
  • Je v teto polevce ( v tomto jidle ) maso? - Is there any meat in this soup (in this meal)?

Danish / Dansk

  • Jeg er vegetar - I am vegetarian
  • Jeg er veganer - I am a vegan
  • Jeg spiser ikke kød - I don't eat meat
  • Jeg bryder mig ikke om křd - I don't like meat
  • Jeg spiser ikke křd, ćg og mćlkeprodukter - I don't eat meat, eggs or dairy products
  • Har De nogen vegetarretter? - Do you have any vegetarian dishes?
  • Jeg elsker dyr, så jeg spiser dem ikke - I love animals, so I don't eat them
  • Hej jeg hedder . . . - Hello my name is . . .

Dutch / Nederlandse

  • Ik ben een vegetarier - I am a vegetarian
  • Ik ben een veganist - I am a vegan
  • Ik eet geen vlees, vis of gevogelte - I don't eat meat, fish or poultry
  • Ik houd niet van vlees - I don't like meat
  • Ik eet geen eieren en melk - I don't eat milk and eggs
  • Heeft u ook vegetarische gerechten? - Do you have vegetarian dishes also?
  • Ik hou van dieren dus ik eet ze niet - I love animals, so I don't eat them

French / Français

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Hungarian / Magyar

  • Vegetáriánus vagyok. - I'm vegetarian
  • Nem eszek húst / halat / zsírt / tojást / tejet / sajtot / tejterméket / mézet. - I don't eat meat / fish / animal fat / egg / milk / cheese / dairy-products / honey
  • Szeretem az állatokat, ezért nem eszem meg őket. - I love animals, so I don't eat them
  • Van a közelben vegetáriánus vendéglő? - Is there a vegetarian restaurant near here?)
  • Van vegetáriánus ételük? - Do you have any vegetarian dishes?

Italian / Italiano

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Original [Phonetic approximation (British spellings?)] (Translation)
  • Jestem wegetarianinem (male)/ wegetarianka (female) [yestem vegetarianinem/vegetariankauw] - I am a vegetarian
  • Nie jem miesa, drobiu, ryb, jajek, sera. [nyea yem miowsa, drobewe, rip, yayek, serah] - I do not eat meat, poultry, fish, eggs, cheese
  • Nie pije mleka [nyea piaow mleka] - I don't drink milk
  • Czy sa dania wegetarianskie/ jarskie? [tCHey soww danya vegetarianski/yaraskia] - Do you have vegetarian dishes?
  • Nie jem nabialu.(easy to read "nabialu" as it is) I do not eat diary products (containing milk and egg products)
  • Nie jem produktow zwierzecych.(read "sweshenzikh" I do not eat animal products (made of animals). Some may understand this as if you do not eat milk,eggs products as well but not nrcesserly.They will take you for an vegetarian.

    SZ like english SH as in "shovel"
    J like eng. Y as in "yes"
    C similar to eng. "S" (not quite but, it'll get you by)
    W like eng. V
    I like eng. "EE" as in "feed"

  • Szukam restalracje wegeterjanska - I'm looking for a vegetarian restaraunt.
    Read: shu-kam re-staw-rac-ye ve-ge-ter-yan-skon
  • Jestem weganinem/weganka - I'm a vegan (male/female respectively).
    Read: ye-stem ve-ga-nee-nem/ve-gan-kon
  • Polish word for vegan is wegan but it is still not recognized by people. Being a vegetarian is still a surprise to many. They may understand your request for not eating milk products because some people don't for other health reasons. You must still explain what you don't want on your plate.In this case the safest way is to say specificly what you want.
  • note: Jestem jaroszem.Old Polish name for vegetarian.(read "yaroshem")That means usualy that you do not eat any meat. Some may ask you if you take the fish. Eggs and milk products are not taken to consideration in this case.

Slovakian / Slovensko

'vegetarian' is pronounced with "g" like in "gear"
  • Som vegetarian(ka) - I am a vegetarian (fe)male
  • Som vegan(ka) (vaegun) - I am a vegan. (fe)male
  • Nejem maso, ryby, mlieko, vajcia - I don't eat meat, fish, milk and eggs
  • Mate vegetarianske jedlo (yedlo) ? - Do you serve some vegetarian meal?
  • Je toto jedlo vegetarianske? - Is this meal vegetarian?
  • Kde je vegetarianska restauracia? - Where is some vegetarian restaurant?

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