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29 July 2008 (Tuesday)
Dresden, Germany

The General Meeting (GM) of member societies of the International Vegetarian Union (IVU) was held to conduct the business of IVU.  It took place at the 38th World Vegetarian Congress (WVC) on Tuesday 29 July 2008 from approx. 4 – 7 pm at the Kulturpalast in Dresden, Germany.

Individuals numbered about 50 and included International Council (IC) members: Dan Arbel, Dilip Barman, Gerry Coffey, Saurabh Dalal, John Davis (non-voting), George Jacobs, Shankar Narayan, David Roman, Hildegund Scholvien, Susianto Tseng, Marly Winckler.


  1. Saurabh Dalal opened the meeting at 4.15 pm by asking if there were any objections to him chairing the session. There were no objections. Saurabh welcomed everyone and urged those assembled to congratulate themselves and IVU generally for our 100 years of promoting vegetarianism.
  2. Saurabh noted that there was a quorum for the GM since most expected delegates were in attendance (only 50% of those expected were needed). He introduced the IC members and the agenda, before reviewing the five objectives of IVU.
  3. Saurabh reviewed the minutes of the previous IVU General Meeting during the 2006 IVU World Vegetarian Congress in Goa, India. There were no questions about the minutes. Stephen Walsh moved that the minutes be approved. Jennie McQueen seconded. The motion was approved with none opposed and one abstention.
  4. John Davis presented the IVU Biennial Report.
  5. George Jacobs read the Treasurer’s report that was prepared by IVU Treasurer David Pye. Patricia Tricker asked about the ethics of the Lloyds fund in which our money is invested. Saurabh responded that the issue had been investigated previously and no better alternative had been found. Saurabh suggested that the incoming IVU International Council relook the issue.
  6. Peter McQueen moved that the Treasurer’s Report be approved and Patricia Tricker seconded. The motion carried with none opposed and three abstentions.
  7. Shankar Narayan presented the Treasurer’s Report for IVU India.
  8. Stephen Walsh moved that the number of votes received by each candidate in the IC election not be divulged. Patricia Tricker seconded. After some discussion, Stephen Walsh attempted a friendly amendment that an individual’s vote count could be divulged to that candidate upon that candidate’s request, with the proviso that the candidate not divulge their vote total to anyone else. The motion passed by a count of 23 in favour, 6 opposed and 7 abstentions.
  9. Marly Winckler assumed the Chair of the GM as she herself was not running for election. The following were elected to the IVU International Council: Vanessa Clarke, Dilip Barman, Saurabh Dalal, Miguel Facal, Paula Brugger, David Pye, David Roman, Tina Fox, George Jacobs and Emmanuel Eyoh.
  10. Gerry Coffey memorialized Jashu Shah. She proposed that Hildegund Scholvien and P.K. Jain be elected as Fellows of IVU. John Davis gave some background information of the two proposed candidates.
  11. Saurabh Dalal moved that the two candidates be elected. Juan Daguara seconded the motion. The motion carried with no votes against and no abstentions.
  12. The next agenda item was future IVU World Vegetarian Congresses. John Davis explained that as there has never been a congress in Africa, we will look for opportunities to do so, although none are currently likely. John also noted that there had only been one congress in a Spanish-speaking country, and that was in 1963. He suggested that we look to have a future Congress in a Spanish-speaking country, probably in Latin America. Susianto Tseng gave a multi-media overview for the 39th World Vegetarian Congress in 2010 to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  13. Dilip Barman discussed a current proposal to move the Summerfest organised for the past 30+ years in the USA by the North American Vegetarian Society to the Triangle area of North Carolina, with local support offered by the organisation that Dilip leads in that area.
  14. Saurabh again assumed the Chair of the GM. Heexplained that at this time no other formal proposals had been received. Saurabh moved
    a. The General Meeting approve the idea of the World Vegetarian Congress in 2012 to be held in North Carolina, USA, with the IC to monitor as details unfold.
    b. If the above becomes unfeasible or impractical, the IC be given the authority to make best possible, alternate arrangements.
    Stephen Walsh seconded. The motion carried with one opposed and one abstention.
  15. Regional reports were presented briefly by Gerry Coffey for the Vegetarian Union of North America and Marly Winckler for the Union Vegetariana Latino-Americana. .
  16. Under ‘Any Other Business’, a resolution originally proposed by Vegetarian Union of North America counsellor Richard Schwartz was read by Gerry Coffey. The resolution urged IVU member societies and individual supporters to work to educate people about the connection between meat production and global warming. Saurabh moved that the resolution be adopted. Dilip Barman seconded. 6 in favour. 11 opposed. So the resolution was not passed since it was deemed too long and unfocused. A shorter resolution would be explored in the near future.
  17. Vanessa Clarke moved that IVU express concern and sympathy for our colleagues in Austria who cannot be with us because they are imprisoned without evidence and without trial. Lindsey Jackson seconded. 24 in favour. None opposed. One abstention.
  18. Saurabh encouraged all attendees to get more involved in IVU and thanked them for their important participation in the GM. Dilip Barman proposed that the meeting be adjourned. Lindsay Jackson seconded. The meeting adjourned at 7.03pm.