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38th IVU World Vegetarian Congress

Dresden, Germany

Sunday July 27 - Sunday August 3, 2008

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Friday Morning Speakers

Prof. Dr. Eugen Drewermann, Germany

Biography: Prof. Dr. Eugen Drewerman, born 1040, is one of the best known theologists of our time. Since losing his teaching licence and being suspended from priesthood as a result of his views he has been working as a therapist and author.

Lecture title: Animals and People - towards a new Ethical Relationship

Abstract: There are many reasons for  a vegetarian lifestyle. The most obvious is the waste involved in feeding animals in order to feed people, which people in the developing world  have to pay for.  And Leo Tolstoy was right: so long as there are slaughterhouses there will always be battlefields. We treat the animals almost the same way as ourselves, they are so close to us. Schopenhauer’s comment is true: „Animals live in hell on earth and humans are their devils.“ But the fact that we grew up in the slaughterhouse of history does not mean that we have to continue this way forever. The time will come when we will regard the idea of eating animals with as much disgust as cannibalism is regarded today.

Date: Friday 1 August 2008; Time: 09:15; Room: Festsaal; Language: German with simultaneous translation

Prof. Dr. Paula Brügger, Brazil

Biography: Paula Brügger is a professor in the Department of Ecology and Zoology, Santa Catarina Federal University, Brazil, where she teaches Biosphere, Sustainability and Productive Processes, Environment and Development and Management of Sustainability in the Knowledge Society”. She has pursued graduate studies in biology and has a  Master’s degree in education and a PhD in Human Sciences - Environment and Society. She is the author of two books on environmental education and is also active in the defence of animals and the environment. She  coordinates the Environment Department of the Brazilian Vegetarian Society (SVB).

Lecture title: Instrumental Rationality – a Key Concept in Understanding our Relationship with Nature

Abstract: The main purpose of the talk is to show why the  concept of  “instrumental rationality”  as proposed by the German philosopher Herbert Marcuse, particularly in the classic work “One Dimensional Man”1964), is  a key concept in understanding our relationship with nature and the environmental crisis, including the standard Western carnivorous diet with its unprecedented animal suffering, social disruption and environmental impact. Some aspects of our dysfunctional relationship with nature such as biodiversity loss (also diet related) and the grotesque, unethical and unscientific assumptions of vivisection will be highlighted. This presentation will also show how a critical “environmental education”, guided by a critique of hegemonic science, technology and the cultural industry can contribute to transcending the dominant instrumental, mechanistic and specious paradigm and thus help to build a new rationality which treats the problems of our globalized world - which are interconnected and thus inextricably linked to each other - in the light of a systemic and non-anthropocentric approach.

Date: Friday 1 August 2008; Time: 10:45; Room: Festsaal; Language: English with simultaneous translation


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