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38th IVU World Vegetarian Congress

Dresden, Germany

Sunday July 27 - Sunday August 3, 2008

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Friday 14.00 Speakers

Dr. oec. troph. Karl von Koerber, Germany


Biography: Studies in nutrition at the University of Gießen, Germany, followed by freelance teaching on nutrition and health. Scientific assistant to Professor Carl Leitzmann for about 20 years. Co-founder of the Gießen Concept of Wholefood and Ecological Nutrition. Since 1998 manager of the Office for Ecological Nutrition in Munich. Lecturer at many universities.  Talks, seminars and adult education courses as well as publications on sustainable nutrition, ecological nutrition, climate protection, organic food. From 2002 to2006 co-operation in a research project entitled From Agricultural Change to Consumer Change.

Lecture title: Sustainability and Nutrition - Ecological, Economic, Social and Health Related Dimensions of our Diet

Abstract: The social guideline of sustainability means a social development whereby the needs of today's generations can be met without damaging those of future generations.  First, we consider the extended dimensions whereby nutrition is considered from the point of view of sustainbility.  The main global problems - environmental, economic, social and health – are explained and the connections with diet are explored.  Then the fundametal issues for sustainable nutrition are discussed:

  1. A preference for plant based food (mainly lacto-vegetarian diet)
  2. A preference for a minimum of processed food – plenty of fresh food
  3. Organic food
  4. Regional and seasonal food
  5. Environmentally friendly packaged products
  6. Fair trade products
  7. Delicious and easily digestible meals

Date: Friday 1 August 2008; Time: 14:00; Room: Festsaal; Language: German with simultaneous translation

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Vibeke Helder, The Netherlands


Biography: Vibeke Helder is the CEO of the Dutch Vegetarian Society. After she graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a Masters degree in Communication studies, she started working for the vegetarian society first as a communications officer before she became the director.

Lecture title: How to Start a Health Care Insurance System for Vegetarians

Abstract: The world's first collective health care insurance policy for vegetarians, vegans and semi-vegetarians is a resounding success. Since the introduction of this policy, 2,000 people have already chosen the Vega insurance policy. The policy gives vegetarians, vegans and semi-vegetarians (meat reducers) the opportunity to take out a collective health care policy and enjoy a large number of benefits tailored to a vegetarian lifestyle. Vegapolis allows policyholders to make a declaration of meat substitutes up to a certain sum of money and also to enjoy a discount on multivitamin preparations.

Date: Friday 1 August 2008; Time: 14:00; Room: Altmarkt; Language: English

Zuzana Skvarilova BSc, Czech republic


Biography: I am a 26-year-old Czech female who has been vegetarian since the age of 4. I have a BSc (Hons) in Nutrition from Kingston University, London. My preferred areas of study and research are the benefits of vegetarian diets and nutritional ecology. I am currently leading a project on the environmental influences of diet choice for the Czech Society for Nutrition and Vegetarianism.

Lecture title: Vegetarian Diet as a Protective Diet

Abstract: This presentation outlines some key risks associated with a high animal based diet. It also defines a protective diet, which includes scientifically recommended vegetarian and vegan diets because they can rapidly decrease the risk of diseases of civilization. According to the American Dietetic Association and the Association of Canadian Paediatrics (2003), a balanced vegetarian or vegan diet is healthy, nutritionally adequate and is suitable for all age groups from weaning onwards, including pregnant and breastfeeding women and sportspeople. This position is also supported by the the Czech Society for Nutrition (2004) and the Czech Society for Nutrition and Vegetarianism (2003).

Date: Friday 1 August 2008; Time: 16:55; Room: Altmarkt; Language: English

Birgit Otto, Germany


Biography: Birgit Otto, born 1965 in Neuruppin, Germany, working as a health advisor since 2003. Trained at Dr. Max Otto Bruker’s health centre in Lahnstein, also as a Kneipp consultant and fasting supervisor. Started the Viva Vital health advice organisation in December 2003.
Previously in architecture and building for 13 years.

Lecture title: The Subtle Seducer – Refined Sugar and its Sweet Secrets

*Is our craving for sweets innate or learned?
*Why does sugar cheer us up?
*A short history of sugar
*Different types of sugar
*Calorie theory = boiler theory?
*Possible effects of “empty“ calories on health
*Sunny ways out – healthy carbohydrates
*A practical example: “Super size me“ - a diet change in an American school

Date: Friday 1 August 2008; Time: 14:00; Room: Brühl; Language: German

Kurt Schmiedinger

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