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38th IVU World Vegetarian Congress

Dresden, Germany

Sunday July 27 - Sunday August 3, 2008

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Friday 16.55 Speakers

Shankar Narayan, India

Origin & History of Vegetarianism in India


Dr. Marco Ceriani, Italy

Biography: Dr. Marco Ceriani is a food technologist  at the University of Milan. He works on product development for food companies and  looks after athletes' and professional teams' nutrition. He has written several books dealing with diet and nutritional supplements and is food editor for various Italian sport magazines.

Lecture title: Nutrition and training for World Champion or Miss Universe - Veggie and Natural is Best
with Cinzia Chiarenza

Abstract: The talk will be in two parts. In the first, Dr. Ceriani will give a scientific presentation on

- off-season and pre-contest veg nutrition: calories for target weight, macronutrients (protein, carbs, fat to minimize muscle loss), metabolic changes, increased mass.

- natural food supplements (vitamins, minerals and other elements to optimize wellness and body composition) pre, during and post workout.

In the second part Miss Universe Overall Cinzia Chiarenza will explain her wellness and weight training for maximizing muscle mass and minimizing body fat.

Date: Monday 1 January 1900; Time: 00:00; Room: ; Language: English

Drs. Susianto Tseng, Indonesia


Biography:       * IVU Regional Coordinator for East/Southeast Asia and Oceania
                       * Chief Operations Officer of the Indonesian Vegetarian Society (IVS)
                       * Consultant of Perkin-Elmer Singapore for Indonesia
                       * Master in Nutrition

Lecture title: The Nutritional Status of Vegetarian Children in Indonesia

Abstract: This study has been conducted as a response to the fact that no such data have been gathered on vegetarianism in Indonesia. Vegetarian families have unique and specific lifestyles that are worth studying. The vegetarian diet is based mainly on grains, legumes, vegetables and fruit, with some eggs and dairy products. As children are especially susceptible to malnutrition and under-nutrition in their fast growing period, this could influence their nutritional status in the next life phase. Total data from 14 cities show that most of the children enjoy good nutritional status with only a few suffering from under-nutrition and some from over-nutrition.

Date: Friday 1 August 2008; Time: 16:55; Room: Brühl; Language: English


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