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38th IVU World Vegetarian Congress

Dresden, Germany

Sunday July 27 - Sunday August 3, 2008

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Monday Morning Speakers

Dilip Barman, USA


Biography: Dilip Barman is an IVU Councillor and North Carolina (USA) based speaker and instructor on topics ranging from vegetarianism, animal rights and cookery to peace issues, Eastern philosophy and ahimsa and Gandhian nonviolence. He is also an instructor in computer science, computer literacy, film studies, and digital photgraphy.

Lecture title: Introduction to Animal Rights Philosophy

Abstract: What are “rights“ and what kind of system bestows these rights? Do animals have rights and, if they do, in what context does this make sense? Are there ethical guidelines that suggest how people should interact with non-human animals? This presentation will introduce compassionate folk, vegetarian or not, to the concepts behind the contemporary animal rights movement.

Date: Monday 28 July 2008; Time: 09:15; Room: Festival Hall; Language: English with simultaneous translation

Dr. Eisenhart von Loeper, Germany

Biography: Eisenhart von Loeper, born 1941 in Potsdam. Lawyer for 40 years with his own office in Nagold, Germany. Articles and research on animal rights, animal protection law and the German constitution since 1966 and more intensively since 1978.  Ongoing campaigns against battery systems, fur farming, and vivisection.  1987-2006 chairman of People for Animal Rights, spokesman for Lawyers for Animal Rights. 1990-2002 successful initiative to include animal protection in the German constitution. Co-author of the official commentary on the German animal protection law. Received the Federal Service Cross in 2005.

Lecture title: Animal Rights, the Constitution and Humanity

Abstract: Since the inclusion of Animal Protection in the German Constitution, society as a whole faces the challenge of treating animals in a new way without immense pain and factory farming: as indicated by the Federal Constitutional Court, this means the greatest possible harmony of human and animal interests. People following a vegetarian lifestyle already practise this idea  of justice towards animals. In addition, existing laws need to be strengthened by the right of associations to assert the rights of animals.

Another main topic is how human activities can be initiated worldwide and in every country to create a fundamental harmony between us humans and all creatures, including spirituality, new scientific insights, experiences with self healing, compassion for other living beings and a solution- oriented implementation of underlying conflicts. The speaker would like to stimulate, encourage and exchange views with the audience in this respect.

Date: Monday 28 July 2008; Time: 10:45; Room: Festsaal; Language: German with simultaneous translation

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