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38th IVU World Vegetarian Congress

Dresden, Germany

Sunday July 27 - Sunday August 3, 2008

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Thursday Morning Speakers

Caryn Hartglass, USA


Biography: Caryn Hartglass was born and raised in New York. After graduating from Bucknell University with Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in chemical engineering, she pursued a career in photomaskmaking. As a child, about 35 years ago, she announced to her family that she wanted to be a vegetarian.  She had suddenly become aware of the unnecessary cruelty involved in eating meat and no longer wanted to be a part of it. Over time, she realized the benefits of improved health and the positive impact of the diet on the environment. Her desire to actively promote a plant based diet and to be an EarthSave volunteer was triggered by the diagnosis with breast cancer and untimely death of one of her best friends in 1994. Hartglass started volunteering for a local EarthSave Chapter in 1996, joined the EarthSave International board of directors in 1999 and took up her full-time position as Executive Director of EarthSave International in November 2001. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in October 2006 - a life altering experience – and as a result is more committed than ever to a healthy vegan diet.   She spends her time celebrating life with her partner Gary De Mattei.

Lecture title: Eating to Protect our Ecosystem

Abstract: What we choose to eat can have a tremendous impact on reducing pollution, conserving resources and protecting our ecosystem.  Animal agriculture is responsible for much of the global warming, environmental destruction, deforestation and pollution in the world today.  Factory farming produces massive amounts of contamination that pollute our air and water while rapidly depleting our supplies of fresh water. Fish farming puts greater strain on ocean fish populations than eating wild caught
fish.  Biodiversity is being compromised with intensive monocropping and the introduction of genetically modified foods.  Choosing a plant based diet is the way to stop environmental destruction and allow the Earth to heal.

Date: Thursday 31 July 2008; Time: 09:15; Room: Festsal; Language: English with simultaneous translation

Gerry Coffey, USA






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