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38th IVU World Vegetarian Congress

Dresden, Germany

Sunday July 27 - Sunday August 3, 2008

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Thursday 16.55 Speakers

Saurabh Dalal, USA

Biography: Saurabh Dalal lives in the Washington DC area and enjoys being involved in outreach, education, and greater advocacy of sustainable plant-based diets and Ahimsa as compelling solutions to many global problems.  Saurabh serves as Deputy Chair of the International Vegetarian Union (, President of the Vegetarian Union of North America ( and President of the Vegetarian Society of DC (  He works in various capacities with many other like-minded non-profit groups and has been active in the Jain community on the local and international levels.  He holds graduate degrees in physics and engineering, takes part in several professional and technical societies and explores ways of integrating sound science into related areas of advocacy.

Lecture title: A Global Plant Based Solution to Global Warming

Abstract: Global Warming has received ever-increasing attention from the mainstream media in recent years, with great debate on potential causes and effects. Numerous mitigation strategies have been proposed but plant based diets as part of the solution have rarely been discussed by climate change 'experts' and decision makers.  This session will make the case for plant based diets as a large scale solution step in alleviating global warming while highlighting the tremendous inefficiencies and waste of animal based diets and resultant environmental degradation.  The presentation will include the most basic science and mechanism, observed effects of global  warming, resource inefficiency of meat consumption and trends, and individual / community / organizational actions as next steps.

Date: Thursday 31 July 2008; Time: 16:55; Room: Festsaal; Language: English with simultaneous translation


Nitin Mehta, UK


Biography: Founder of Young Indian Vegetarians, which has been campaigning for vegetarianism for 28 years. Also started vegetarian societies in Kenya and Mauritius, and in Delhi in India. We present Mahaveer awards to individuals and organisations promoting vegetarianism. Nitin received an MBE award from the Queen in 1999.

Title of the lecture: European Vegetarians from the 18th Century Onwards - the Hindu Influence

Abstract: Between the 16th and 18th centuries some of the greatest thinkers and philiosophers in Europe advocated vegetarianism, taking their inspiration from the Hindus of India and their belief in Ahimsa or non0violence towards all living beings. John Evelyn, Francis Bacon, Voltaire, Rousseau and Isaac Newton were among the many who advocated vegetarianism.

Date: Thursday 31 July 2008; Time: 16:00; Room: Altmarkt; Language: English

Tobias Leenaert, Belgium


Biography: Tobias Leenaert (°1973) is the founder and director of the Belgian vegetarian society EVA (Ethical Vegetarian Alternative), one of the few vegetarian societies in the world to get structural financial support from its government. Tobias has about ten years experience in vegetarian campaigning and organising. He believes the most important thing for the success of the movement is to bring a tasty, positive message to as wide an audience as possible.

Lecture title: Reaching Everybody. Campaigning for one Vegetarian Day a Week

Abstract: Vegetarian societies and activists must try to reach as wide an audience as possible. For this they need an accessible and realistic message. In Belgium, the vegetarian society EVA (Ethical Vegetarian Alternative) has recently started a Thursday Meatout campaign which encourages people to make Thursday a meatless day. The threshold for consumer participation is low and the potential returns are great. Because of the 'softness' of the message, EVA has been able to involve the government, commercial sponsors and non-governmental organisations. In this session we explain the benefits of this kind of campaign, how it works, who we reach, what our strategy is, and so on.

Date: Thursday 31 July 2008; Time: 16:55; Room: Bähr; Language: English


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