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Editorials and AGM
from EVU News Issues 3+4, 1995

Editorial from the President

Dear Vegetarian Friends throughout Europe,

Quite some time has gone by since you received the last EVU-news. The delay is due to some important events which inflenced EVU's work considerably.

First, we had the 5th European Vegetarian Congress in Bratislava. About 250 participants from all over Europe came to join this extraordinary congress, and there were visitors from America and Asia, too. The 250 people were not all that much, what we had expected for a reasonable support of the Slovakian organizers, but the smaller amount of participants made the congress more familiar and intimate, with many chances to speak to each other and to get to know people and ideas and plans and projects and ... and ... and ...

The post congress tours led us to some of the most beautiful places of Slovakia. In addition, we learned a lot about the difficulties of being a vegetarian in Slovakia and getting healthy meals in an ordinary hotel. But even in remote parts of the country the message of the congress, which had been spread by all the media, had reached interested people. And that is in my opinion the most important effect of the congress. For more details please read the congress report from Monika Jordan.

During the Bratislava congress, the Annual General Meeting for members and associates of EVU was held with some important topics on the agenda. As most of you know by now, Rob Snijders, our secretary for eight years has resigned for personal reasons. Here again I send him my personal and EVU's official thanks for all the work he has done. You can hardly imagine how much work is connected with such a job, and everything is done without pay, in the spare time after work or during week-ends. And the more you want to have done by EVU to be successful and effective, the more work is required. Thinking about the future, we should look for practicable alternatives.

The elections during the AGM partly confirmed the boardmembers in their office (President, Deputy Secretary and Auditors) and partly produced new faces:

  1. Our new Deputy President: Igor Bukovsky from Slovakia, a medical doctor, the heart and the soul of the Bratislava Congress.
  2. Our new Secretary: Mrs.Sigrid De Leo from Switzerland, a teacher, speaking several languages, with the support of Renato Pichler, a computer scientist and President of the Swiss Vegetarian Society.
  3. Our new treasurer: Heinz Kottkamp from Germany, a retired banker with interesting ideas to increase the financial resources of EVU. (see below)
According to a decision of the board, Rob Snijders will stay a member of the board until the next AGM with the special task to fulfill all the legal duties with EVU's registration in the Netherlands. You will find a complete list of EVU board members on the EVU Members page. Please feel free to contact all of them for exchange of opinions, planning of actions, discussions, support etc.

It really is essential for our work in Europe to be in close contact with all of you. to hear about your problems and your successes, to know your plans and activities, research work and results thereof. Please send your reports and calendars of events to the secretary to be published in EVU-News.

And we all are looking forward to your support and cooperation.

With kind regards,
Yours sincerely,
Hildegund Scholvien

[image: Sigrid]

Editorial from the New Secretary

Dear Readers, Dear Friends,

You are reading the first EVU NEWS coming from Switzerland. As you may have noticed, it is a bit more voluminous than usually - that is to make up for the missing 4th edition of this year.

When I took over the secretariat of EVU, I was tempted by the idea to be able to help, because there was a vacancy to fill in. Then I thought, it must be wonderful to come into contact with people from all over Europe, that think "more or less" like myself (even if every vegetarian is a "prototype" as I have noticed), for sometimes it is tiring always to swim against the tide.

Having the possibility to publish a little magazine like EVU NEWS gives me the oportunity to pass on some news and ideas that seem especially important to me. Sometimes it may just be information (besides the official one), like the press release about BSE from England, sometimes there may be thoughts to discuss about, like in the article of Dr.Helmut Kaplan. It would be wonderful to have an exchange of opinions and ideas among the members!

You will find numerous reports from member-societies. Thanks to those who wrote! Of course, we would like to hear from all of you! Maybe some of the missing societies could find time and oportunity to write something for the next issue?

Enclosed you find several leaflets which we would like you to copy and distribute among your members and interested people. Rudolf Meyer from "Vegetarier-Bund-Deutschlands" comunicates that you can send him the translation of the leaflet "...Consequences of meat consumption" into your own language and he will print it for you. Why not take advantage of such a generous offer?

You know that my mother tongue is German, so don't expect a perfect English! Right from the start I would like to ask all readers whose native language is English, to have mercy on me, to close an eye and sometimes even both on the English they will find, especially the hon. secretary of IVU, Maxwell Lee, who seems to be quite exacting. The main thing is though, that we understand each other, and that depends often more on goodwill and sympathy - which I count on - than on a correct language, I am convinced.

I do hope, that you enjoy reading our EVU NEWS. Renato Pichler, president of the Swiss Vegetarian Assosiation, is responsible for layout and Printing.

We are looking forward to having your comments, your news and to seeing you again soon!

Don't forget to send your application for the AGM in Switzerland!

Last but not least I want to thank Rob Snijders for all the work he did during the last eight years. Knowing now, how much work is connected with the job of secretary, my thanks go to him in the name of all of you, I am sure!

Merry Christmas and a very happy vegetarian/vegan New Year to all readers and friends!

Yours sincerely,
Sigrid De Leo

The treasurer Heinz Kottkamp, Baden Baden, Germany, likes to give you the following information:

To all friends, associated societies and benefectors of our Union!

At the 5th EVU Congress, July 1995 in Bratislawa, Slowakia , I was elected treasurer of EVU.

I am sorry to have come to know that our annual budget is very small. There is no great treasure! Our idea to convince as many people as possible in Europe of the meatless nutrition is really wonderful.

Being vegetarians, we know about the advantages of the vegetarian food: that is better health and joy, joy, especially about the fact, that we do not do any harm to our fellow creatures, the animals. Is that enough?

Of course, there are a lot of active persons in all the societies that fight untiringly for animal welfare, environment and especially vegetarian nutrition, but I think, that we all are invited to campaign even more for the vegetarian cause and help to spread our ideas in Europe.

The single person might ask: how can we do that?

Dear friends, it is quite simple: support EVU with a little donation. The whole board of EVU would like to put more emphasise on certain points, organize a concentrated publicity. Therefore we need some money, your help and support.

If every organized member of the single societies would give 1 DM a year to EVU, that is 8,5 Pfennige a month, it would be simply wonderful! It would mean quite a small sum for the single person, but rather a big amount for EVU as union.

The treasurers of the different societies should convert 1DM into their own currency and you will see, how small the sum is.

Please, all of you, help to make EVU (financially) stronger! I thank you very much!

European Vegetarian Union,
Heinz Kottkamp
Giroaccount Number: 999.151 Kreissparkasse D-67653 Kaiserslautern, BLZ (Bank Code): 540 502 20

Obviously there will be published an exact report about how the money is spent.

Yours sincerely
Heinz Kottkamp

A request to all member societies:

Please send a list of the relevant vegetarian literature in your country and samples of information leaflets of your society to the EVU secretary.

Please send copies of your magazine(s) to the EVU secretary (and if you can afford it, to the EVU president, too)

[image: village]


in Pestalozzi Childrens Village, Trogen, Switzerland

I would like to invite you to the AGM from 16.05.1996 to 19.05.1996 in Switzerland.

Pestalozzi Dorf (1000m a.s.l.) is a beautiful place for a meeting and some holidays. You will see that Switzerland is not that expensive as it is said. We chose the date, because we hope that many of you are free (or can take a day off) on Ascension (Himmelfahrt). We also thought to offer you, besides the meeting, a special programme in order to make the long journey worth it.

The meeting is fixed on Friday 17.05.96, from 2 p.m. till 6 p.m. If necessary we will continue on Saturday morning at 9.30 till 11.30.

The guest-house is reserved from Thursday 16.05.1996 till Sunday 19.05. 1996.

There are rooms for one, two or three persons. Only few single rooms are available though, most of the rooms are double rooms.

Now see the prices!!

Double room, full board (Lacto-veg., Vegan), Sfr. 60.- (DM ~72.-)

Single room, full board (Lacto-veg., Vegan), Sfr. 70.- (DM ~85.-)

You will not have many possibilities to see Switzerland at those costs!

As complementary programme I can suggest:

  • a visit to St.Gallen (some say it is one of the most beautiful towns of Switzerland), with its famous cathedral and library of the monastery
  • a hiking tour on the surrounding hills (about 3 - 4 hours walk)
  • a visit to one of the mineral baths nearby
  • a walk on the shore of Lake Constance (or a boat-tour)
  • a visit to Appenzell, an incomparable Kanton and capital.
Let yourself be surprised by the programme of the evenings. There might be a short lecture on Saturday morning.

This extra programme is not expensive at all (only the mineral bath costs about Sfr. 15.-), everybody can take part, and you will have seen the most (beautiful) part of eastern Switzerland.

Deadline for registration is 15th of January 1996!

Please use the enclosed application form!

Sigrid De Leo