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Speakers and Workshops
EVU Congress, Bratislava, July 1995

List of speakers and topics (preliminary, subject to alterations) during the congress in Bratislava:

  • Jan Dries (Belgium): Food combinations
  • Prof. Dr. Marcel Hebbelinck (Belgium): Vegetarianism and physical performance
  • Maxwell Lee (UK): Concept of world vegetarian movement and the part of Europe in it
  • Dr.Winston Craig (USA): Food biochemistry
  • Dr. Riccardo Trespidi (Italy): Non-violence and the recognition of the rights for non) human animals
  • Barbara Rutting (Austria): Lack of food in the Third World
  • Prof. Dr. Claus Leitzmann (Germany)
  • Alex Bourke (UK): Why vegan?
  • Paul Appleby (UK): Vegan and vegetarian studies
  • Dr. Igor Bukovsky (Slovakia): Vegetarian nutrition for children or Arteriosclerosis and nutrition
  • Dr. Robert Simoncic (Slovakia): Food habits in the Slovak Republic
  • Dr. Irena Medkova (Russia)
  • Arne Winquist (Sweden): Fasting and the Swedish march in 1956
Planned workshops:
  • Vegetarian and vegan newspapers and magazines in Europe (details on extra paper)
  • EVU workshop on cooperation between Western, Middle and Eastern, Europe (details on extra paper)
  • Winston Craig: Herbs for treatment
  • Francisco Martin: Eating our way ...
  • Alex Hershaft: How to win people's minds
  • Scott Williams: How to organize a (local) vegetarian group
Speaker's Corner for the representatives of different organisations and groups

Public lecture with the most famous speakers of the congress in a big assembly hall in the city