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Decisions taken at the EVU AGM in Bussolengo, September 21st 1997
by Sigrid De Leo, Hon. Secretary of the EVU
from EVU News, Issue 4 /1997

The following decisions were taken by the members at the EVU AGM in Bussolengo:

1. The EVU is an independent and autonomous organisation This does not change EVU’s position regarding its relationship with the International Vegetarian Union but strengthens EVU’s autonomy of actions in the European region. The EVU is willing to continue to function as a regional body of the IVU and will pay a certain membership fee.

2. The membership fee for Individual Members of the EVU has been risen to DM 40, Families pay DM 50, and Extra European Members pay DM 10, extra for higher postal charge.

3. Switzerland will be the venue for the EVU Congress 1999! The proposed venue ‘Swiss Holiday Park’ near Lucerne has been given up because it would be too expensive. The chosen place is the new Sport Centre in Widnau, near Saint Gallen, The event will be organised by the Swiss Union for Vegetarianism and the EVU which has its office in Widnau.

Marcel Hebbelinck new EVU President

EVU Board members
From left: Vivian Pick, Marcel Hebbelinck (EVU President), Hildegund Scholvien (EVU Tresurer), Sigrid De Leo (EVU Secretary)

Marcel Hebbelinck (20.10.1931) was born into a vegetarian family. From his father who ran a health food store and who was a pioneer in promoting natural hygiene he learned a lot about healthy food and healthy living. Marcel loved sport very much and for 17 years he was a competitive rower, winning medals in national and international regattas.

Besides being a vegetarian, he is also a teetotaller in an active sense. He served for more than 10 years on the board of the Belgian National Committee on alcohol and drugs. Of course he is a nonsmoker and the faculty building where he works was the first to be ‘smoke free’ at university. His wife Diane has borne him two girls, Kim and Kris and of course they were raised as vegetarians. The two sons of Kris therefore are the 4th generation of vegetarians.

His professional and academic career is quite impressive. After a classical training (Greek, Latin) he graduated as a licentiate (master’s degree ) in physical education at the University of Gent, where he also obtained a degree in physiotherapy. Intrigued by scientific research he worked as a parttime volunteer scientist at the famous Institute of Pharmacology of the University of Gent.

Following in 1958 is a year of postgraduate studies in applied physiology in Helsinki and Oslo. In 1960 he obtains his doctorate (Ph.D.) in exercise physiology at the University of Gent. After several research scholarships (Univ. of Gent, StellenboschSouth Africa, Florida State University) he is nominated ‘Professor’ of Human Biometry and Movement Analysis at the Université Libre de Bruxelles in 1963 and becomes full professor (ordinarius) in 1970.

In the following years Marcel Hebbelink played an important role at university: 7 years Chairperson of the Social and Student Affairs’ Committee, 11 years on the Administrators and Executive Board of the University, Chairman and Dean of the Institute of Physical Education and Physiotherapy, Director of the laboratories of Biometry and Biomechanics, teacher in these areas and in the last 5 years teacher of a course on ‘Nutritional aspects of health and fitness’.

Marcel Hebbelinck has received several national and international awards and he has served in many organisations, like Board member of the Belgian Olympic Committee (16 years), board member of the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (35 years), consultant for UNESCO (1 year, visiting 7 developing countries), Fellow of the American College of Sport Medicine, fellow and founding member of the European College Sport Medicine and Sport Science, Fellow of the American Acadamy of Kinesiology and Physical Education, Doctor Honoris Causa, 1993, Budapest.

He has published more than 250 articles in scientific journals and is editor of the prestigious ‘Medicine and Sport Science’. Not only has he given several hundred lectures but he has also chaired sessions, organised symposia, seminars and congresses in Belgium and abroad. Although Marcel Hebbelinck has been ‘professor emeritus’ since February 1997 he is continuing his scientific research (mainly on vegetarian nutrition, health and fitness) and assists students and young researchers and colleagues at his university.

Marcel is the vicepresident of the Flemish Vegetarian Society, a patron and past deputy president of the IVU, and past auditor of the EVU of which he was a founding member. When you ask Marcel Hebbelinck why he is a vegetarian, he answers ‘for all reasons’ which means that his belief in vegetarianism is based on many considerations ranging from health, ethics, animal welfare to ecology. With Marcel Hebbelinck the EVU has certainly found a worthy successor for Hildegund Scholvien who has taken over the position as EVU treasurer.

Hildegund Scholvien new EVU Treasurer

EVU Officers
Deputy Secretary Renato Pichler, President Marcel Hebbelinck, Tresurer Hildegund Scholvien.
Even if there is still little money in the EVU, Hildegund Scholvien has taken over the difficult task of being in charge of the finances of the EVU. After six years in office she resigned the presidency to Marcel Hebbelinck. In the past Hildegund has shaped quite some years of the EVU’s history and will certainly continue to do so.

Starting in 1985 as representative of the Vegetarier-Bund Deutschlands in the initial session to create the EVU she has since then attended most of the following Annual General Meetings and all European Congresses. When the first president Maxwell Lee did not stand for re-election at the AGM during the 4 th European Congress in Chester 1991, Hildegund Scholvien took over.

One of the highlights of her presidency was the 5th European Congress in Bratislava, Slovakia, the first congress in a former communist country. After the secretariat of the EVU moved to Switzerland a close co-operation between secretary and president began with new activities.

During all these years Hildegund Scholvien has tried to create a harmonious atmosphere among the EVU board members. She will certainly, besides her tasks in the Vegetarier Bund Deutschlands, (she is editor of the well known ‘Vegetarier’) remain an active member of the EVU Board and continue to spread the vegetarian lifestyle.

Our thanks go to Hildegund Scholvien for many years of self-sacrificing work and congratulations, good luck and best wishes from all the board members for many more years in the EVU Council in an harmonious team! - Sigrid De Leo

Renato Pichler new Deputy Secretary of EVU

Renato Pichler, President of the Swiss Union for Vegetarianism, has been elected Deputy Secretary of the EVU. Thanks to the outgoing Deputy President Kim Hebbelinck who has resigned for reasons of work but who will continue to help whenever help is needed.

Renato Pichler, a computer professional has been working in very close collaboration with the EVU office from the moment it had moved to Switzerland. In fact he is responsible for the layout of the EVU News. Three years ago he has created the ‘Vegi Büro (office) Switzerland’ only some miles distant from the EVU office in Widnau. The Vegi Büro is meant to be a source of information and help about health, animal welfare, ecology for professionals and private people.

Renato Pichler is editing a very informative quarterly journal, the Vegi-Info, and has installed a home-page on Internet which has been judged one of the best Internet pages in Switzerland by a big newspaper.

The Swiss Union for Vegetarianism and the EVU office will organise together the first European Vegetarian Union Congress in Switzerland in July 1999.

Barbara Rütting new board member


At the AGM in Bussolengo Barbara Rütting was elected additional board member of the EVU. Barbara Rütting is a well known German theatre and film actress and can look back on an extraordinary career. Since more than 20 years now she has been active in the animal protection and peace movement and who ever has heard her talking about her experiences with the vegetarian lifestyle has remained most impressed with her energy and perseverance.

Barbara Rütting will try to act as a kind of ‘public relation manager’ for the EVU. She has written several books, the last one was published only some months ago: ‘Koch und Spielbuch für Kinder’(13593), ‘Mein Kochbuch’ (10838), ‘Mein neues Kochbuch’ (13760), ‘Mein Gesundheitsbuch’ (13584), ‘Träumen allein genügt nicht’ (GoldmannVerlag), ‘Diese masslose Zärtlichkeit’ and the recently edited ‘Grüne Rezepte für den blauen Planeten’ (14136).

On the 21st of November Barbara Rütting celebrated her 70th birthday. Most likely she was in Bulgaria where in Bansko she is trying to bring to the needy help of all kinds, from food to clothes and instruction for a healthy, vegetarian lifestyle. When she came to know in August that about 150 poor old people were likely to die of starvation this winter she moved heaven and earth to help: She brought a huge corn mill, 15.000 kg of food (cereals, fruit, vegetables, seeds etc.).We can already see the first results of her commitment to her work.

A journalist from Sofia told her that this kind of (vegetarian) nutrition is the only way to rescue people from starvation. And there is another little story which she likes to tell. The 4yearold son of a photographer (who became a vegetarian after having read her books) asked his father : ‘Are there really people who eat meat?’

Maybe she was in Italy near Assisi where she is involved in the construction of an animal home, promoted by the society ‘Pro animale’. After the terrible earthquake the construction has been stopped. There are also plans to build up an international community centre at the birthplace of Saint Francis. Any help is welcome, contributions in kind as well as money. Bank account: Pro Animale, Kreissparkasse Staffelstein, Germany, Number 667162, Clearing Number 77051860 and Steiermärkische Bank Graz, Austria, Account number 0000 210 8975, Clearing Number: 20843

But maybe she was in ‘Nocere Umbria’ near Assisi, where only 200 of the 2400 houses are still inhabitable after the earthquake which means that 90% of the population is living at present in containers or tents. The hospital, 6 schools, most of the shops and restaurants have been also destroyed. There is a need for anything ranging from chairs and tables to clothes and money. If you want to help, too, please use the following bank account:’Pro Terremotati’, Cassa di Risparmio di Foligno, Agenzia Nocera Umbra, Nr. 29808, ABI 5704 CAB 38570.

More information from: Barbara Rütting, Sommerholz 30, 5202 Neumarkt a.W., Austria, Tel/fax: +43 6216 4544