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From the president:
“Let’s do it!”
from EVU News, Issue 4 /1997

Prof. Dr. Marcel Hebbelinck,
President of the EVU

As I began preparing my comments for this column, I realised that this was my first official opportunity to finally express my gratitude to all of you for electing me to the presidency of the European Vegetarian Union (EVU). I truly appreciated the unanimous vote at the Annual General Meeting in Bussolengo. Thank you for your confidence and support. I am honoured to serve a two-year term as your president. As I said at the AGM, my vision for our organisation is that we must not only make our unique personal contribution to the cause of vegetarianism, but we must also communicate to the outside world how a vegetarian lifestyle contributes to the wellness of our environment.

I am convinced that a vegetarian lifestyle must take an active role in the education of children, youth and adults as well. The EVU wants to bring information, to help communication and to assist its members in the task of promoting a vegetarian lifestyle. Some members say "I pay my dues, why doesn’t that pay for promotion and development of the vegetarian movement?" The answer is yes, your dues do pay for some of the expenses for newsletters, correspondence, communication (phone, fax, e-mail), mailing, but this does not stretch far enough to cover the costs of running the organisation. All EVU Council members operate as volunteers and pay themselves for travel and accommodation related to EVU work, and most of them donate time and even funds to keep the organisation going.

Fortunately, during the past years the EVU has experienced a substantial increase in individual members and even some Life Members. I trust that this trend will continue in the coming months and years. This leads me to a special word of thanks to the EVU outgoing President, Hildegund Scholvien, who, together with the Secretary-general Sigrid De Leo, made it possible for the EVU not only to survive, but to become a highly esteemed organisation in Europe and far beyond. During her tenure as president Hildegund Scholvien directed the mission of EVU toward enhancing the position of the vegetarian movement in Europe.

Also a special thanks to the Vice-President Dr. Igor Bukovsky for his loyal help and the excellent organisation of the EVU Congress in Bratislava and to John Davis for his assistance in setting up the EVU pages within the IVU network. It is my objective to continue working in the same direction. It is my sincere hope for the EVU to serve as a regional body of the IVU. I also want to welcome the new EVU Council mem-bers: Renato Pichler, Barbara Rütting and one member to be nominated by the Dutch Vegetarian Society. These three new council members will be introduced to you in this newsletter by our Secretary-general. Each one of these three council members will assume specific tasks and I am looking forward to a fine collaboration.

As a matter of fact, we need all of you who read this message to contribute within the limits of your abilities and with your own unique perspectives to the development and promotion of the vegetarian movement throughout Europe.

Now is the time for the EVU to build up mutual confidence and support. We need to increase our membership and I feel free to call on you to join the EVU. With our limited means we should consider not only how the EVU may help and serve its mem-bers, but also how the members may assist the EVU in the development and promotion of vegetarianism.

I will be calling on you during the years to come to help things happen. I will do my best to serve the EVU. Let’s take initiatives, be responsive to needs, and be productive in our actions. We can make the difference.

Let’s do it!

Prof. dr. em. Marcel HEBBELINCK
Laboratory of Human Biometry and Biomechanics
Vrije Universiteit Brussel – Faculty Phys. Ed. & Phys. Ther.
Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussel, Belgium
Tel.: +32-2-629.27.29 (31) Fax: +32-2-629.27.36
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