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Europe 1987

From The Vegetarian (Vegetarian Society UK) January/February 1987:

IVU European Congress 1987

Following on from the very successful European Vegetarian Congress held in Italy in 1985, the second Congress will take place in Brussels, Belgium, from 24 - 30 July 1987.

Speakers, workshops, discussions, social events and excurions, covering all aspects of vegetarianism and related subjects.

Full details and booking information in the issue of this magazine.

(there was no mention of the Congress in following issue)

From The Vegetarian (Vegetarian Society UK) May/June 1987:

International Vegetarian Union
European Vegetarian Congress
26-27 September 1987
Zeezicht Hotel, Ostend

Full programme of speakers including Dr Jacqueline Andre - Vegetarianism and Vasuclar Disease, Jan Dries - Ethical Aspects of Vegetarianism, Dr Frank Zeiss - Vegetarianism and the World Food Problem. Simultaneous translation of lectures, workshops and discussions divided according to language groups. Social gatherings are planned for Friday and Saturday evenings and you can arrange to stay on afterwards for a holiday.

Ostend is a cultural town with museums, architectural attractions, numerous shops etc.

Cost ranges from 750 Belgian francs (Congress fee only) to 3750 b fr for full board etc. Book before 15 July to avoid 300 b fr supplement.

Details from:
IVU General Secretary, M.G.Lee, 10 King's Drive, Marple, Stockport, SK6 6NQ
Congress Secretariat, Rozeniaan 11, 2232 Schilde, Belgium, Tel 03 353 64 85

From The Vegetarian (Vegetarian Society UK) July/August 1987:

The above notice repeated - and again in the Sep/Oct issue.

There were no reports of the Congress itself in subsequent issues, but the following appeared in the July/August 1988 issue of The Vegetarian:

EVU is born!

April 5 should be a notable date on the calendar from this year onwards, as it was the day on which the constitution of the European Vegetarian Union was signed. The EVU is an off-shoot of the International Vegetarian Union and consists of several European Vegetarian Organisations in Italy, France, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and the UK, and the Esperantista Vegetarano Associo.

The EVU will act as a central information-point for vegetarians in Europe. The address is: EVU, Larensweg 26, 1221 CM Hilversum, The Netherlands, Tel: 35 834 796.

The November/December issue of the VSUK 'Members' Forum' added the following:

The EVU Newsletter is edited (in English) by: Rob Snijders [address given as above].

The VSUK Members' Forum added in Jan/Feb 1989:

Following the very successful Congress held in Ostend, Belgium in 1987, the European Vegetarian Union will be holding another Congress in mid-August 1989, in Strasbourg, France.