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7th World Vegetarian Congress 1929

Steinschönau, Czechoslovakia

Steinschönau is now know as Kamenicky Senov and is in the Czech Republc.

A postcard with a picture of the German Union's Nature-Cure Resort in Steinschönau

the letterhead used after Hans Feix was elected General Secretary at the 1929 Congress.

l-r: Hans Feix, Premsyl Pitter, Frank Wyatt, Oluf Egerod in 1929

Frank Wyatt 9, Moriz Schnitzer 4, Alexandet Batek 10, Premysl Pitter 6.

all the above sent by Jan Stastny from Prague.

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester), 1929:

Views of Steinschönau - Vice-Burgermeister Karl Laurenz
Presentation vase and Herr Kromer in the process of engraving.

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester) and The Vegetarian News (London), 1929: