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7th World Vegetarian Congress 1929

Steinschönau, Czechoslovakia

Steinschönau is now known as Kamenicky Senov and is in the Czech Republc.

From The Vegetarian News (London), May 1929:


The triennial International Vegetarian Congress (which last met in London in 1926) will be held this year in Steinschönau, in Czecho-Slovakia, from July 8th to 11th. Steinschönau lies on the north slope of one of the spurs of the mountains in the region known as "the Bohemian-German Switzerland" and guests and delegates assembling for the Congress will be entertained at a guesthouse under the control of the Czecho-Slovakian society (der Sudentendeutsche Verband der Vereine für Naturheilkinde und Selbstreform), the society acting as host for the occasion. After the Congress is over, guests and delegates will have the opportunity, if they choose, of spending a holiday at this up-to-date vegetarian establishment at a cost which should be very little, if anything, in excess of what it might cost them to live in their own himes. Steinschönau is only an hour's journey from the frontier on the great international railway-line (Berlin-Prague-Vienna). Both the Vegetarian Society (Manchester) and the London Vegetarian Society will be represented at the Congress, which will be opened by a session at the town Theatre, in Steinschönau at 10 a.m. on July 8th, when a formal welcome will be offered to the visiting delegates and the latter will be asked to give a brief account of the work done in their respective countries since the date of the last triennial Congress. At 8 o'clock the same evening there will be a banquet in honour of the delegates. The second session, on May 9th (sic), will be reserved for the principal speakers, as follows:-

Professor Ruzicka, Komensky University (subject: "Vegetarianism and the simple life")
Dr. Ragnar Berg, Germany (subjects: "Dietetics and Food Chemistry" and "The Biological Significance of Vegetarianism")
Dr. Walter Walsh, Great Britain (subject: "Vegetarianism and the Universal Brotherhood")
Dr. J. C. Demarquette, France (subject: "Vegetarianism and Spiritual Power")
Professor Johannes Ude, D.D., LL.D., D.Sc., (subject: "Vegetarianism and Economics")

On the same day (July 9th) the Choral and Orchestral Societies of Steinschönau will give an evening concert, and the final session, which will be devoted to a summary and discussion, will take place on the following morning (July 10th). In the afternoon there will be a visit to some of the factories and a motor drive in the neighbourhood of Steinschönau, while on the last day of the Congress (July 14th) a further opportunity will be given to see some of the beauties of the surrounding country. Active preparations are being made to ensure that as much publicity as possible shall be given to the proceedings of the Congress, and some of the principle speeches will be broadcast. The Czecho-Slovakian vegetarians would be glad to welcome, not only the official delegates of the societies represented, but also as many other vegetarians from foreign countries as may find it possible to come. Accommodation will be found for these as far as possible - if not free of cost, then at moderate terms. Application should be made beforehand, however, to the Hon. Secretary of the Congress, Herr Redakteur Hans E. Feix, Warnsdorf, Bohemia.

From the Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester), June 1929:

In response to a cordial invitation from the German Union of Nature-Cure Societies in Czecho-Slovakia, arrangements have been made to hold the seventh International Vegetarian Congress, at Steinschönau in North Bohemia, from the 8th to the 11th of July. The programme includes a remarkably interesting round of business and social assemblies. Reports will be submitted by delegates of national societies and there will be papers covering all aspects of vegetarianism by writers of international reputation. The local committee has undertaken to provide comfortable accommodation, at reasonable charges, for all friends attending the Congress, and has expressed a hope that many British vegetarians will take a holiday tour in Bohemia and include the Congress in their arrangements. Steinschönau is pleasantly situated, in hilly country, and is within easy reach of the national spas and other famous holiday resorts.

The Secretary of the Vegetarian Society, 39 Wilmslow Road, Rusholme, Manchester, wi1l be pleased to answer inquiries.

The German Union's Nature-Cure Resort, at Steinschönau, Vegetarian : Teetotal : Non Smoking.



From The Vegetarian News (London), May 1929:


The chief point of interest on the vegetarian horizon for the present month is the International Vegetarian Congress to be held in Czecho-Slovakia. The pricipal meetings will be held at Steinschönau, and the importance of the occasion may be judged from the fact that such well-known names as those of Professor Ruzicka, Dr. Ragnar Berg, Dr. Walter Walsh, Dr. J. C. Demarquette and Professor Jonannes Ude are to be noted in the list of speakers. The two national societies in Great Britain are each sending two delegates to the Congress, the Secretaries in each case having been requested by their respective Committees to attend, with the addition of Dr. Walter Walsh (as representative of the Vegetarian Society) and of Mrs. Harold Goddard (representing the London Vegetarian Society). It is a happy circumstance, and one of more than merely sentimental significance, that all four delegates are members of both societies. The vegetarians in Czecho-Slovakia, who are hosts for the occasion, have always shown the utmost enthusiasm in arranging the Congress, and those who remember the profitable occasions in London three years ago, when the Congress was last held, are anticipating the forthcoming meetings with a like eagerness. It is hoped to present a detailed account of the proceedings in next month's magazine.