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8th World Vegetarian Congress 1932

Berlin/Hamburg, Germany

From the Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester) March 1932:

Arrangements are well in hand for the holding of the eight International Vegetarian Congress at Eden, near Berlin, from the 9th to the 14th July. The programme is likely to be a very interesting one and included among the speakers are Professor Ude (Austria) and Professor Ruzicka (Pressburg) both of whom took a prominent part in the last Congress at Steinschönau in 1929. Reports will be submitted by delegates of the various national societies and there will be an official visit to the Nature Cure Hospital at Potsdam.

It is hoped that as many British vegetarians as possible will endeavour to support the movement by their attendance at the Congress. Further details may be obtained from the Secretary of The Vegetarian Society, 39 Wilmslow Road, Rusholme, Manchester.

From The Vegetarian News (London) May and June 1932:

The Triennial International Vegetarian Congress will be held this year at Oranienburg, near Berlin, from July 9th to 14th. A visit to Hamburg will also be included. All desiring to have full particulars are invited to communicate with Mr. Hans Feix, V/1903 Waldstrasse, Warnsdorf, Czecho-Slovakia, as early as possible.

From The Vegetarian News (London) July 1932:


The Eighth Triennial International Vegetarian Congress, to be held at Oranienburg ( a bird's eye view of which is here shown), near Berlin, from July 9th to 14th, promises to be no less interesting and valuable than any of its predecessors. Delegates from the two British national societies will, of course, be present, and, apart from speeches by a number of well-known continental vegetarians, the programme also includes an innaugural banquet in Berlin, and a visit to the Priessnitz Nature Cure hospital at Potsdam. On the return journey a visit will be paid to Hamburg, the vegetarians in that city having likewise expressed a wish to entertain the delegates before the Congress formally comes to an end. The appointed representatives of the London Vegetarian Society will be Mrs. Keevil Turner (who is a member of its Committee), Miss Constance Hurren, B.A., and the Secretary.