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8th World Vegetarian Congress 1932

Berlin/Hamburg, Germany

Some pictures relating to the 1932 Congress sent in by visitors to this site:

The Eden Vegetarian Colony was founded in 1893. By 1932 it comprised about 900 members.

The above picture belongs to the congress at Berlin, 1932. This picture comes from an old magazine named "Pentalfa", issue 156 (October 31, 1932). This magazine was edited by Prof. Nicolás Capo in Barcelona, about naturism and vegetarianism, prior to the Spanish Civil War.
By the picture, it can be read: "The class of rhythm gimnastics by Prof. Medan in the congress at Eden, 1932".
In a previous issue appears the following reference: the World Vegetarian Congress will be held in Berlin (Eden camp), from July 9 to 13, 1932.

- above from David Roman, Spain
- all below from Jan Stastny, Prague.

The above picture is entiteld "group of Czechoslovak delegates at the international vegetarian congress in Berlin-Eden 1932" it´s from a magazine called Spiritisticka Revue (Spiritists Review)

The man on the left, in the above picture, is Karl Bartes - the organizer of the IVU congress
in Berlin-Eden, obtained from Eden data archive by Jan Stastny of Prague.

Frank Wyatt and B.O. Dürr

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