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9th World Vegetarian Congress 1935

Daugaard, Denmark

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester) and The Vegetarian News (London), June 1935

Daugaard, Vejlefjord, Denmark July 28th to August 2nd.

At very short notice, due to a change of plans, the Danish Vegetarian Society has consented to organize the triennial congress of the International Vegetarian Union. and. as the dates chosen lie in the holiday months, it is much hoped that as many English speaking Vegetarians as possible will endeavour to attend. The honorary organiser, Mr. Oluf Egerod, a well-known educationist in Denmark as well as honorary treasurer of the I.V.U., has secured the Vejlefjord High School for the Congress. The school is a modern building standing in its own extensive grounds on one of the most beautiful fjords in Denmark.

Vegetarian speakers of repute have promised to address the Congress. The programme, however, will not be overweighted with meetings, the social side being considered of equal importance on these occasions. Each day will start with a class of gymnastics in the school grounds, followed by bathing under the most perfect conditions imaginable. Excursions will be arranged to the runic stones and barrows of Jelling, to Himmelbjerget ("Heaven Mountain") to the Paradise Isles and to the famous country around Silkeborg.

As the exchange favours the pound sterling at present, the cost of living will only be from 4 to 5 shillings per day (campers 3 shillings per day), the Congress fee being 8s.6d. Allowing about 5 shillings for excursions, the total expenses of the five days should not exceed 2 pounds. The fare from London to Vejle (third class return) is approximately 5 guineas. It will be possible for visitors to stay on as guests at the High School, after the Congress is over at exactly the same rates.

As all who have ever been present on such all occasion testify, the Congress provides a wonderful opportunity for strengthening the bond of friendship which exists between all vegetarians. In addition, visitors to Denmark can he assured of a great welcome and of a delightful holiday in ideal surroundings. Those having the cause of vegetarianism at heart are urged to attend the Congress not merely as representing their own Society, but also for the purpose of strengthening the hands of those whose difficulties in seeking to establish the vegetarian principle in their own respective countries be even greater than our own.

Those wishful to have further particulars are invited to apply at once to Mr. Oluf Egerod, or else to Dr. C. E. Hurren, 32 Russell Square, London, W.C. 1, who has also kindly consented to answer enquiries.


From The Vegetarian News (London), July 1935: