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13th IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1953

Sigtuna, Sweden

From The Vegetarian News (London), Summer 1953:


(General Secretary I.V.U.)
Inaugural meeting of L'Union Végétarienne Française

In years gone by, La Société Végétarienne de France was a well-known member of the world vegetarian family, but the disintegrating effect of the war shattered this society among so many others and scattered its fragments over a wide field, In view of the present-day importance of vegetarianism and because Francd has always played a leading part in cultural movements, it was considered due time to invite the vegetarians of France to re-unite into a national body and strengthen the world vegetarian structure by joining the International Vegrtarian Union.

A large and widely representative gathering attended the opening meeting held in the home of Woodland and Olga Kahler, two leading workers in the field of American Vegetarianism, of which Woodland Kahler is the accredited Foreign Secretary.

Despite the counter-attractions of superb vegetarian refreshments, the outstanding artistry of the salon and the brilliant deviations of French repartee, we eventually descended to the mundane business of founding L'Union Végétarienne Française, with the business address of 87 Avenue Henri Martin, Paris 16.

The elected officers are as follows: -

President - Jacques de Marquette, a very old friend of vegetarians in many lands. Home address is 55 rue de Village, Tangier, Morocco, N. Africa.

Vice-Presidents - Albert J. Perroud, a familiar and friendly figure at International Vegetarian Congresses.
- André Jamin, who runs a vegetarian guest house at La Sérénité, Roquefort-les-Pins, A.M., France.
- Georges Boulogne, the promising young French sculptor.

Treasurer - Madame Germaine Dully
Secretary - Madame Marcelle Loutrel-Tschirret, 18 rue Miromesnil, Paris 8.

This revival of vegetarianism in France and her return to the world vegetarian family is most welcome news, and well-wishers in all other countries are invited to communicate with our French friends at the business address given above.


The Duchy of LUXEMBOURG is the latest addition to the world family of vegetarian nations. Their national vegetarian society takes the name of ALPAR - Association Luxembourgeoise pour L'Alimentation Rationelle. The progress and formation of this society is largely the work of M. Henri Meier, a most learned and multi-lingual gentleman in the prime of life at 65 years. He welcomes correspondence with vegetarians and nature cure adherents in other lands. Address: 38 rue Sainte Barbe, Esch-Alzette, Luxembourg.

Their President is Dr. Eloi Welter Vice-President, Dr. Gretsch, the best known sportsman in Luxembourg and a fencer of international renown. Secretary, M. Joseph Leven, who also manages his own Health Food Store in Luxembourg-their one and only.

ALPAR was welcomed into the fraternity of nations co-operating with the International Vegetarian Union at a meeting held in Luxembourg on 7th January, when the General Secretary of the l.V.U. addressed a mixed and very sympathetic audience.

An invitation to hold the next International Vegetarian Youth Camp in Luxembourg was readily accepted, as this will not only provide a most suitable meeting place for vegetarian youth, but also attract strong attention to our movement and so render support to our vegetarian colleagues in Luxembourg. The camp will be held at Diekirch from the 15th to the 29th of August and full details will be circulated as soon as the cost is worked out. The Burgomeister of Diekirch has not only given his kind approval for this camp, but has, in company with his deputy and assistants, promised full co-operation and support.

Circulated at the request of the Danish Vegetarian Society

In the October, 1952, issue of Vegetarisk Tidsskrift (the magazine of the Danish Vegetarian Society), the attention of the Danish representative on P.A.O. (Food and Agriculture Organisation), Mr. A. P. Jacobsen, has been called to the huge waste of nutritive values which takes place when the produce of the soil passes through domestic animals.

The Society suggested that the sending out of agricultural experts to the undeveloped countries should be discontinued and instead skilled horticulturists sent out to teach the populations how to produce large and valuable crops for direct human consumption.

It was pointed out that even in a country as northerly situated as Denmark (54-57N) one single square metre of soil suffices to grow food enough for a person a day, and consequently 365 sq.m. suffice for feeding one person the whole year, which means that this small country could grow food for one hundred million inhabitants.

In the undeveloped countries, the lots of ground generally are too small for scientific husbandry, but big enough to produce food sufficient for the whole population if people concentrated upon horticulture: and so even if a part of the population occupied itself with horticulture in its spare time only-its working power being needed in industry-in the Danish climate 365 half hours a year would suffice to tend the plants necessary for feeding one person a year.

Mr. Jacobsen has forwarded the Danish proposal to F.A.O. and it is very important that a real interest in the question is roused.

Interested individuals and Societies are invited to write direct to the President and Horticultural Adviser to the Danish Vegetarian Society, Mr. H. Mosegaard, Agade 1142, Copenhagen N., Denmark.

ANDRE JAMIN, Vice-President of the Association Vegétarienne de France.

This photograph of my son Yan was taken at an Exhibition of Natural Living, the first of its kind, held in Paris last November at La Maison de Ia Chimie. Yan was the "starlet." Clad only in his pareu while it was snowing hard outside and none too warns indoors, he was a cause for amazement to all mothers who had brought their progeny heavily clothed in thick overcoats. scarves and bonnets, and there were many enquiries as to how he was fed and brought up.

At Yan's own stand his father presented a new make of fruit juice from Algeria, "Mitidja's Sun," together with the rudiments of "chrometherapy," showing the correlations between the coloured rays in each fruit drink and their absorption through the glandular system. The fruit juices had such a success when Yan gave the lead by tasting them through his straw that I secured from the manager of the Algerian firm an assurance that part of the production should he reserved for vegetarians the world over. These juices are prepared according to the latest hygienic methods, and the delicious apricot juice is sweetened with brown sugar. Soon the special "Mitidla's Sun " will appear on the market with a label showing Yan's photograph on top of a world with a halo of seven stars coloured according to the rainbow rays. The three words "Universal Cosmovitalist Union" will also figure on the label, indicating a closer co-operation between people of all countries who are conscious of the cosmic laws of evolution and wish to live in the white ray of unity diversified through the coloured aspects of each nation's mission on earth.

This was the beginning of Yan's own mission at the salon, where his magnetic appeal and his gift of love greatly helped to create an atmosphere of friendliness and mutual help for the general tendency at first had been one of commercialism, jealous competition and a none-too-brotherly spirit.

Perhaps this will serve as a conclusion to this first effort at introducing to the French public a synthesis of natural living. While it is a sound policy to oiler the public as large an array as possible of health foods, which will refute the all too easy excuse, "What can we eat instead of meat and fish, etc.?" it must be remembered that vegetarianism stands for something infinitely greater and finer than a change over from one system of commercial production to another in which only the physical nature of the foods would have been altered, but not the spirit in which such foods were distributed.

The fact that Yan went round the salon at lunch-time with a small basket and, in exchange for a very nice smile and the priceless radiations that emanated from him and which everyone felt, got samples of those health foods from many stands, was encouraging and showed that the hardened attitude of most tradespeople would melt in the face of positive harmony.

Is there anything better a vegetarian child could bring to a confused, chaotic world than harmony? To my mind this is the mission of all vegetarians.


This summer there will be at the Pottery of "Lea Archanges" at Vallauris (Alpes-Maritimes) a "Health Fountain," the first of a very special design based on vital coloured rays. The "Mitidja's Sun" fruit juices, specially made for vegetarians, will be supplied at this fountain also fresh vegetable juices, "Turmixed" milks and mates served in the Brazilian Bombillas."

"Les Archanges," who are doing fine artistic pottery work, are vegetarians. There will also be at their Pottery an exhibition of paintings by Picasso, Chagall, Dufy, etc. M. Jamin will also present a unique collection of mediumistic pictures. Last, but not least, Yan will receive his young friends at his own "junior" Health Fountain next to Papa's big one!

All these efforts at helping the vegetarian effort in France are under the personal direction of M. Andre Jamin, Vice-President of the Associa.tion Végétarienne de France.

As the organ of the International Vegetarian Union

Since the establishment of the permanent office of the I.V.U. in 1951, one of its greatest needs has been a mouthpiece through which we could keep in closest touch with our many connections throughout the world. All official notices are sent to the leaders of the national vegetarian societies, but there are very many local groups and individuals with whom we work and their growing number was putting a strain on our limited resources. To start our own publication would mean time, staff and money, these three being already taxed to the utmost. It was therefore with joy and relief that we were invited to use the pages of The Vegetarian World Forum for our announcements and news. The Vegetarian World Forum is already an international vegetarian magazine and the excellence of its production is in keeping with the idealism implicit in the Vegetarian Way of Life. The I.V.U. is deeply indebted to Geoffrey Rudd, the Founder and Editor, and to Robert Greaves, the Printer, for this timely and exemplary co-operation. The readers of The Vegetarian World Forum are asked to pass on this information to all their vegetarain friends and sympathisers. Official notices will continue to be Sent out by the I.V.U. office to all national societies and vegetarian newspapers as at present.

The Vegetarian World Forum is obtainable from the publishers -
Geoffrey L. Rudd, Ltd., 106/110 Lordship Lane, London, S.E. 22