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13th IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1953

Sigtuna, Sweden

from The Vegetarian (Manchester):

Advance in Europe

Congress Personalities

Pasteur A. J. Perroud with Miss Patricia Giles, of the IVU staff, London. Photo from Sigtuna.

The Duchy of Luxembourg is the latest addition to the world family of vegetarian nations. Their national vegetarian society takes the name of ALPAR - Association Luxembourgeoise pour L'Alimentation Rationelles. The progress and formation of this society is largely the work of M. Henry Meier, a most learned and multi-lingual gentleman in the prime of life at 65 years. He wel-comes correspondence with vegetarians and nature cure adherents in other lands. Address: 38 rue Sainte Barbe, Esch-Alzette, Luxem-bourg.

Their President is Dr. Eloi Welter, Vice-President: Dr. Gretsch the best known sportsman in Luxembourg and a fencer of interna-tional renown. Secretary: M. Joseph Leven, who also manages his own Health Food Store in Luxembourg - their one and only. ALPAR was welcomed into the fraternity of nations co-operating with the International Vegetarian Union at a meeting held in Luxembourg on 7th January, when the General Secretary of the I V U addressed a mixed and very sympathetic audience.

An invitation to hold the next International Vegetarian Youth Camp in Luxembourg was readily accepted, as this will not only provide a most suitable meeting place for vegetarian youth but also attract strong attention to our movement and so render support to our vegetarian colleagues in Luxembourg. The camp will he held at Diekirch from the 15th to the 29th of August and full details will be circularised as soon as the cost is worked out. The Burgomeister of Diekirch has not only given his kind approval for this camp but has, in company with his deputy and assistants, promised full co-operation and support.

Rennaissance in France
In years gone by La Soci/ete Vegetarienne de France was a well-known member of the world vegetarian family, but the disinte-grating effect of the war shattered this Society among so many others and scattered its fragments over a wide field. In view of the present day importance of vegetarianism and because France has always played a leading part in cultural movements, it was considered due time to invite the vegetarians of France to reunite into a national body and strengthen the world vegetarian structure by joining the International Vegetarian Union.

A large and widely representative gathering attended the opening meeting. held in the home of Woodland and Olga Kahler, two leading workers in the field of American Vegetarianism, of which Woodland Kahler is the accredited Foreign Secretary.

Despite the counter attractions of superb vegetarian refresh-ments, the outstanding artistry of the salon and the brilliant devia-tions of French repartee, we eventually descended to the mundane business of founding L'Union Vegetarienne Française, with the busi-ness address of 87 Avenue Henri Martin, Paris IGE.

The elected officers are as follows

President-Jacques de Marquette, a very old friend of vegetarianisn many lands. Home address is 55 rue de Village, Tangier, Morocco, North Africa.
Vice.Presidents-Albert J. Perroud, a familiar and friendly figure at International Vegetarian Congresses.
André Jamin, who runs a Vegetarian Guest House -La Sérénite, Roquefort-les-Pins, A.M., France.
Georges Boulogne, the promising young French sculptor.
Treasurer-Madame Germaine Duffy.
Secretary-Madame Marcelle Loutrel-Tachirret, 18 Rue Miroesnil, Paris, 8.

This revival of vegetarianism in France and her return to - -world vegetarian family is most welcome news, and well-wishers all other countries are invited to communicate with our French friends at the business address given above.

HANWORTH WALKER, General Secretary