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13th IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1953
Sigtuna, Sweden
North Americans at the Congress

1953 - Mrs Gasque was elected President of IVU, Mr Woodland Kahler (USA) elected to the IVU Executive Committe. He went on to become IVU President from 1960-71.

Right: At the IVU World Vegetarian Congress, 1953, Sigtuna, Sweden (from the Vegetarian Messenger, UK)
Interesting personalities at the I V U Congress snapped by the Editor: Mr. Hanworth Walker, I V U Secretary; Mrs. Clarence Gasque, USA, (elected President of the I V U on the retirement of Mr. W. A. Sibly, M.A., J.P.); Major Ernst Killander, President of the Swedish Vegetarian Society; Mrs. Ferne Lasser, Secretary of Chicago Vegetarian Society.

Food without Animal Residues - extracts from a talk by Professor SCOTT NEARING, U.S.A.

A new development was the appointment of Vice-Presidents representative of the countries in which the I.V.U. operates at present. While not having voting power, Vice-Presidents may attend meetings of the Executive Committee of the I.V.U. in an advisory capacity, thus forming a kind of Advisory Council. The names of those appointed are:
Canada: (Eastern) Mr. L.. Pritzker, (Western) Miss J. Kimball.
U.S.A.: Mr. L. Fillmore, Mr. W. Kahler (and France), Dr. J. Maxwell, Prof. S. Nearing, Dr. H. Stevens.

right: Professor Scott Nearing and Mrs Helen Nearing snapped in Stockholm.

Minutes of a meeting of members of the Executive Committee held in Hampstead, London on the 18th October 1953
President Mrs Gasque in the Chair
Vice President Mr Scott Nearing
Committee members Messrs Kahler ...
[these three were all Americans, though they were meeting at Mrs Gasque's home in London. Mr Kahler, also had homes in other countries]

Messrs Nussbaum [France] & Kahler were asked to find a suitable location in Paris for the [1955] Congress and the President would visit it with them on her forthcoming visit to France. [one of Mr Kahler's homes being in Paris]
In connection with this expedition to Israel [by the Secretary] Mr.Woodland Kahler expressed his willingness to accompany the secretary at his own expense and the offer was gratefully accepted.

Two American visitors to London - Dr. Maxwell (CA) and Mr. Hobart (TX) on their way to the Congress

right: front centre: Dr John Maxwell, America's 90 year old vegetarian G.O.M.;

Dr. Wokes also mentioned an interesting nutritional development in America known as the Multi-Purpose Food (MPF). This is produced on a non-profit basis and consists of purely vegetable extracts. A sustaining meal of this product costs only three cents and already one thousand tons have been sent all over the world as a relief food.

Below left : Mr Oluf Egerod, of Denmark, with Dr J.Nussbaum, of France, and Mrs Ferne Lasser of Chicago.
Below right: Finale - Mrs Clarence Gasque, IVU President, and Mr W.A.Sibly M.A.,J.P., Past President, exchange presentations.

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