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13th IVU World Vegetarian Congress 1953

Sigtuna, Sweden

Post Congress Photo:

Youth Campers
Mr J. W. Netzband of Germany, with a party of "youthers" from the camp held in Sweden, on Lake Simlagen, in July

Advance notice:

Swedish Youth Camp, 1953
We learn from the Swedish Vegetarian Society that a Swedish Youth Camp for 1953 is being arranged by "Svenska Friksportfarbundel" (the Swedish vegetarian health and spor youth movement). The particulars are as follows, and our Swedish friends warmly invite campers from any other country to join them in what will surely be a most enjoyable and instructive Camp.
Date. 19th to 26th July, 1953.
Sites. Simlangsdalen on Lake Simlangen, two Swedish miles east of the city Halmstad, on the west coast. It is reached by train from Goteborg (steamer from England), or from Malmo (ferry from Denmark).
Food. Only lacto-vegetarian food obtainable at the Camp kitchen. Bread, Kruska," boiled potatoes, porridge, milk, butter, cheese, raw vegetables, etc., for sale at low prices, calculated at about 4 or 5 Swedish crowns per day, depending upon the appetite. Eating implements must be supplied by the campers themselves.
Cost. 10 Swedish crowns (14/2 or 2 dollars approx.) for the whole week, or 2 Swedish crowns (2/10 or 40 c.) per day.
Tents. Campers must bring their own tents and bedding. Tent accommodation available for 100 of the 500 campers in 20-bed tents at a rate of 50 ore (half Swedish crown) per day. A few blankets for hire.
Programme. Lectures, sport, gymnastics, bathing, folk-dancing, singing, music, excursions, camp fire, etc.
Application. Applications from overseas are to be made from January 1st to June 1st, 1953, to :-Mr. Harry Lindgren, c/o Vegetarianen, Karlbergsvagen 14, Stockholm, Va., Sweden.