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14th World Vegetarian Congress 1955
Paris, France

Extracts from minutes of the Executive Committee relating to the Congress, and other notes:

The minutes of the IVU Executive Committee meeting, October 18, 1953, in London record:

It was agreed that Messrs Kahler Nussbaum and the Secretary should act on behalf of the Committee in organising the 14th World Vegetarian Congress in Paris in 1955 & that they should invite suitable vegetarian leaders in France to join in forming a special Congress Committee.
The first week of August was agreed to be the most suitable date.
Messrs Nussbaum Kahler were asked to find a suitable location in Paris for the Congress and the President would visit it with them on her forthcoming visit to France.
Following a general discussion on the matter of Congresses it was agreed that a properly organised Press Conference should be arranged to avoid a repetition of irresponsible press interviews given in Sweden at the 13th Congress with the resultant unsatisfactory press reports.
It was agreed that an International Vegetarian Food Exposition should be arranged in conjunction with the next Congress subject to sufficient instructions of support being forthcoming, the Secretary to sound out the British Vegetarian Food Producers first as a guidance.

The minutes of the IVU Executive Committee meeting, May 1-2, 1954, in Paris record:

Mr Kahler, in the absence of Dr.Nussbaum reported on the program made with the arrangements for the Paris Congress. He stated that La Cite/ Uniersitaire had been booked with the Rector's Permission. The main arrangements were in the hands of Dr.Nussbaum & M.Brobecker, who with Mme Brobecker formed Congress Secretariat. Good publicity was planned mainly due to Dr.Nussbaum's excellent connection with the press.
The secretary further reported on Congress arrangements & pointed out that the first request to book La Cite/ Universitaire was turned down but special intervention of Mr & Mrs Kahler, on personal lines, secured this excellent building for us. He stated his high regard for the Brobeckers and his confidence in their acting ably as joint secretaries.
Mr Egerod suggested that one of the Congress meetings should be held in the French Chamber of Deputies.
Mr Rudd said that any Food Exposition in connection with the Congress should be of a very high standard and very well displayed. In this connection the secretary reported that a 'feeler' put out to the British Health Food Companies had met with encouraging response.
It was agreed that excursions be arranged after assembly as many participants would prefer to arrange their own sight-seeing.
It was agreed that all addresses should be given by experts in their field, be of good delivery, be of reasonably short duration - say 30-40 minutes & that there be the minimum of overlapping. Addresses should be made in any one language and translations be available in English, French, German, Swedish.
The following speakers were suggested together with the points of approach -
Dr Douglas Latto - UK - Medical
Professor Aldo Capitini - Italy - Ethical
Dr Margaret Brady - UK - Soil
Dr.Nussbaum - France - Health
Dr Ralph Bircher - Switzerland - Economics
Dr.Jacqueline Marguette - France - Religion
It was agreed that Mr Kahler find a speaker from the U.S.A.

A notice from 'The Vegetarian World Forum' Autumn 1954:

The 14th World Vegetarian Congress
Organised by the International Vegetarian Union will held in Paris at La Cité Universitaire, by gracious permission of the Rector, during the first week of August, 1955.
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