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14th World Vegetarian Congress 1955
Paris, France

14th International Vegetarian Union Congress
La Cite Universeitaire, Paris
1st to 6th August, 1955

Minutes of the Business Sessions

Mrs Clarence Gasque (President) in the Chair
Mr.W.A.Sibly MA, JP
Dr.Jean Mussbaum
Members of the Executive Committee
Honorary Officials and Official Representatives of National Societies including Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, India, Israel, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United States of America and the General Secretary.

Election of Officers: Mrs Clarence Gasque (U.S.A.) was re-elected President for a further term of office.
The following were also re-elected:-
Past President - Mr.W.A.Sibly M.A., JP. (Great Britain)
Deputy President - Mr Oluf Egerod (Denmark)
Treasurer - Mr Josef Pederson (Sweden)
Assistant Treasurer - Mr.Geoffrey Rudd
Executive Committee - Mrs Elizabeth Ecker-Lauer (Germany); Mr.James Hough (Great Britain); Dr.Jean Mussbaum (France); and Mr.Woodland Kahler (U.S.A.)

The following additional Vice Presidents were elected:- (present Vice-Presidents being re-elected en bloc): Mr.J.N.Mankar (India); Mrs Nehna Vakil (India); Mr.Curtis Freshel (USA); Dr .Douglas Latto (Great Britain); Mrs Rukmini Devi Arundale (India); Mr Magenlal Shah (India); Mr H.H.Jones (Great Britain) and Dr.C.Sypkens (Holland).

Revision of Constitution and Rules:- The Constitution and Rules were revised and approved for publication.

Financial Report: The Treasurer gave the Financial Report for the period from 30 June 1953 to 31 of December 1954, and this was approved.

Secretary's Report:- The Secretary's annual report was withheld owing to pressure of business, but it was understood that this should be published in the official magazine.

Individual Members: It was agreed to admit individual members on payment of an annual subscription of 1 or equivalent for which the members would receive the Official magazine as published, but would not have voting power.

Humanitarian Societies: It was agreed to admit local groups and Societies with humanitarian ideals or with the object of furthering vegetarianism provided the control is vested in vegetarians.

Reports of delegates: delegates of all Societies represented were given opportunity to make reports with particular reference to establishing vegetarianism in their respective nations. Problems were discussed and views exchanged.

Congress for 1958: It was agreed that the next International Congress should be held in Germany.

Indian Congress: the Congress in India in 1957, organised by the Bombay Humanitarian League, was regarded as an additional Congress.

It was agreed that cheques to be signed by the Assistant Treasurer and a Vice President.


Approved as read in Bombay, 12 Nov 1957. ???? Grand Hotel.
Gloria Gasque