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14th World Vegetarian Congress 1955
Paris, France
North Americans at the Congress

IVU Represetatives received by Mr Nehru - Mr & Mrs Woodland Kahler, of Paris, seen with the Prime Minister of India when they recently made a tour of India. [on a tour of India just before the Paris Congress, the Kahler's were American, with a home ion Paris.]

A snap taken by the Editor at the Hotel de Ville before the official Civic Reception given for the I.V.U. Congress The group includes Mrs. Clarence Gasque (I.V.U. President), Mr. Richard St. Barbe Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Woodland Kahler, Mr. Oluf Egerod, Dr. and Mrs. Sypkens, and Mrs. K. M. Ireland.

IVU President Mrs. Clarence Gasque arriving in style.

Mrs. Gasque introducing an unknown celebrity to some the IVU Committee.


The minutes of the IVU Executive Committee meeting, October 18, 1953, in London record:
It was agreed that Messrs Kahler Nussbaum and the Secretary should act on behalf of the Committee in organising the 14th World Vegetarian Congress in Paris in 1955 & that they should invite suitable vegetarian leaders in France to join in forming a special Congress Committee.
The first week of August was agreed to be the most suitable date.
Messrs Nussbaum Kahler were asked to find a suitable location in Paris for the Congress and the President would visit it with them on her forthcoming visit to France.

The minutes of the IVU Executive Committee meeting, May 1-2, 1954, in Paris record:
Mr Kahler, in the absence of Dr.Nussbaum reported on the program made with the arrangements for the Paris Congress.
The secretary further reported on Congress arrangements & pointed out that the first request to book La Cite/ Universitaire was turned down but special intervention of Mr & Mrs Kahler, on personal lines, secured this excellent building for us.

The Congress program gave Woodland Kahler as a member of the IVU Executive Commitee and joint Secretary of the Congress.

From the program:
PRESIDENTIAL RECEPTION - Mrs. CLARENCE GASQUE. The members of the International Executive will be in attendance.
INNAUGURAL DINNER - Opening Speech by the President, Mrs. CLARENCE GASQUE.

Report from the Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester):

Delegates were received on Sunday evening by Mrs. Clarence Gasque
The principal lecturers were :- . . . Mr Woodland Kahler,

Mr. WOODLAND KAHLER (America) took as his title: "Nostalgia for Perfection," and said, "Fortunately, for the future of animals as well as men, there is a better world close at hand waiting to be lived in, a world fortified by something far more effective than atom bombs and mass injection of serum. Some are already citizens of this better world, others, suffering from enervation and toxemia due to ignorance of Natural Hygiene, have been slow about applying for naturalization!

Almost all of us have been brought up in the inorganic garden-ing world, perfumed with insecticides instead of flowers, but no man can hurt himself without hurting life as a whole. Nothing ethically unjust to man or monkey is ever scientifically sound-a scientific fact of facts as well as an eternal reality. Out of friendship with the land comes friendship with animals, and at length between man and man-the only answer to man's nostalgia for perfection."

Lee PRITZKER (Canada), in a recording, spoke of his conception of ''A Vegetarian World," and gave the following characteristics of the vegetarian of the future:-

1. Far more efficient mentally.
2. Emotions richer as a result of good nutrition and specific training.
3. Speech will be beautiful, clear and coloured with under-standing, sympathy and sincerity.
4. Aesthetic appreciation far beyond present levels-almost everyone will be a gifted painter, musician, singer, orator, actor and writer.
5. Devoid of hate, anger and irritation.
6. More charming, handsomer and infinitely healthier.
7. Finer social conscience and an instinctive urge for mutual aid rather than personal gain.

Mr. Pritzker thought that a man or woman should be returned for every parliamentary constituency so that the attributes of woman should find their place in national life-when this happened slaughter-houses would soon be abolished and the advent of a flesh free diet be quickened.

Officials Elected. The following were re-elected for a two year term of office :-
PRESIDENT-Mrs. Clarence Gasque (U.S.A.).
EXECUTIVE- . . . and Mr. Woodland Kahler (U.S.A.).
New Vice-Presidents elected were:- . . . Mr. CURTIS FRESHEL (USA). . . .

Mr.Curtis Freshel (USA) was elected as a Vice-President of IVU. Mr Freshel and his wife, Emarel were good friends of George Bernard Shaw and had founded the 'Milennium Guild', a vegetarian group in the US which had been represented as far back as the 1926 IVU Congress.

Report from the Vegetarian News (London):

Mrs. Clarence Gasque was re-elected President, and warm expressions of gratitude for her most generous financial support of the International Vegetarian Union were spontaneously made by all present.
All members of the Executive Committee were returned to office again, namely, . . . Woodland Kahler of U.S.A.

The names of the lecturers, with their titles, were as follows:-
Woodland Kahler (U.S.A.), on "Nostalgia for Perfection ",

Minutes of the Business Sessions

Mrs Clarence Gasque (President) in the Chair
Members of the Executive Committee
Honorary Officials and Official Representatives of National Societies including Canada, . . . United States of America

Election of Officers: Mrs Clarence Gasque (U.S.A.) was re-elected President for a further term of office.
The following were also re-elected:-
Executive Committee - . . . Mr.Woodland Kahler (U.S.A.)
The following additional Vice Presidents were elected:- (present Vice-Presidents being re-elected en bloc): . . . Mr.Curtis Freshel (USA); . . .