International Vegetarian Union (IVU)
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14th World Vegetarian Congress 1955
Paris, France

The photos below are from a collection found in the cellar of VSUK:

IVU President Mrs. Clarence Gasque arriving in style.

La Cité Universitaire, the Congress Venue.

An informal large group shot.

Dinner for some of the IVU Committee

1955 Paris fashion parade - does anyone recognise them?

all unkown. . .

more unknown people

Dr. Jean Nussbaum, Congress organiser

another view of the venue

Dr. Nussbaum receiving and award from IVU Past President, Mr. W. A. Sibly.

Mrs. Gasque introducing an unknown celebrity to some the IVU Committee.

More IVU Committee members, the Indian on the left is Jay Mankar.

This looks like sightseeing - possibly Versailles?

Probably more sightseeing.

an informal moment