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15th World Vegetarian Congress 1957
Delhi/Bombay/Madras/Calcutta, India


The following Blessing before food is repeated at Quinta Mi Retiro, Vegetarian
resort at Ajijic, Mexico:

"Heavenly Father, in Thy Cosmic Presence, we ask Thee to bless this simple meal direct from the bosom and bounty of Mother Nature. As it has not been tampered with any way, we know that it will become part of us, replacing old used-up, unwanted tissue, rebuild the body strong, clean, and beautiful - such as Thou didst intend us to have. As no fellow-creature has suffered in any way in the procuring and preparation of the food, we know that Thine infinite Love will be with us and that nothing can harm us. Reverencing Thee by living in harmony with Thy Laws know that all must go well with us and that we shall be filled with thy Divine Spirit in health, a full life, and continuously close consciousness of our Oneness with Thee, Amen!


May these little lives sacrificed to sustain our bodies nourish us only as we sacrifice our lives to the higher! May all who grew this food, all who brought it to us, prepared it for us, and served it to us, be blest and strengthened on their upward way! May all life have food for body and of soul!

[The more this blessing can be visualized and sent forth with radiant intent, the more potent it is.]

- Virginia A. Baverstock