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15th World Vegetarian Congress 1957
Delhi/Bombay/Madras/Calcutta, India


I heartily welcome the promoters, organizers, sympathizers, delegates, and visitors from all countries, races and religions, of the world who have come to Bharat to take part in the Vegetarian Conference. It is a unique occasion for all of us, who are non-meat-eaters to meet, to deliberate, and to act for the good of the animal world as well as human beings. Materialists, scientists, proud of their achievements in the field of Atom Bombs, have brought this tiny world of ours to the brink of Annihilation and extinction. A little spark of a powerful fanatic person may ignite the volcanoes of destruction and perhaps our very earth may become a revolving ball of gases and lava, as a result of the use of modern nuclear weapons, which big political powers of the world claim to possess. Faith in spiritual and moral values has been undermined by the new inventions of destruction. The common man throughout the world feels himself as an orphan surrounded by the storms of death having lost the guide of the light of a distant Star in the Sky.

It is a hopeful sign that the non-meat-eaters or Vegetarians hare assembled at a time, when the whole atmosphere of the World is full of talks of war. and bloodshed. Vegetarians abhor, hate, and detest the shedding of blood of the animal kingdom - consequently of men too. We, Namdhari Sikhs, are strict Vegetarians since the inception of the Sect, having learned the lesson of Vegetarianism from the teachings and lives of the Sikh Gurus. We as a Sect join our voice with all the vegetarians of the world against the shedding of blood in any form, animal as well as of men, for purposes of food and political power.

I pray to Almighty God, for the success of the Conference and for the noble cause for which it stands. It is my Sincere Wish that the promoters, sympathizers, delegates and visitors should form a nucleus for bringing good will, peace, and love among men, and God's creation, including the poor, dumb lovable animals. May not man's stomach become a grave for the animals which serve his needs! Let us wish and pray for a happier and better world through the higher principles of VEGETARIANISM!